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the skirt too short etc.. see next page :D it was enough for him, to make her change her clothes
@SilverFang:Because he is an overprotective big brother.
@M067953240: more like anime :D and i always got pencils and drawing paper for christmas lol my first anime was Sailor moon, so i think you may say, that it started there..
@M067953240: thanks..and yes, it was made digitally.. and im so proud that it still looks hand drawn ^^ What do you mean with artistic background?
January is over hun
So as the title says...january is over and you wrote that youll upload the manga pages in january.. and u still havent...
Since your a fan of my bad drawing..i thought i should visit your page..and i was surprisingly shocked how good youre arg is.. the screentones, the effects and the art itself looks so proffetional!!i looove it! And i camt wait to see more!!! Hugs
ha ha ha
Still getting used to drawing her again ha ha

drawing hands is reaaaaalllyyyy haaaaaaaard Q.Q

thanky ou so much ^^ but i wish my art wasnt as clean as it is... i want it to look as manga-like as possible... but im tooo neat..
Fave's and Comments are always appreciated ^^
@Tanako: thank you ^^ ill be drawing a new page as soon as i have a day of ^^ i thnk thursday is the day lol
I love it!
@amanduur: more please!!! <333 i really love them! the characters are awesome and the srory rocks! haha i just love it! can't wait to read more more more more more xDD
omg! i love it! its sooo hot! O.O Renji was never my favorite one but you mak him look soooo hot with your style! you are awesome!!!!<3333 more post's please ^^
Let's start ^^