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Name Meaning: "Black Garden"

Fresh Blood I Am.

I am a combination of Ideas and a child of fables, thoughts, war and peace, and of love and hate. I create so you can have stories and lessons to absorb and live in while you allow your mind and soul to relax.

Stop by, recline, and enjoy the thread as it is weaved.
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    ~For You to Find Out~
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Sorry - life happened.
Sorry for the Hiatus.
The wife and I have experienced some major financial, emotional, and physical troubles as of late and we've needed to attend to it and sort out our lives once more. We're sorry about not really leaving an explanation to why we were gone but we are now getting back on track.
We'll keep you all posted. Thank you for being so patient with us.
Page 6!!
WOAH! Tried to do good, although bad situation, by this one! What do you guys think of the sound effects? :3 we worked EXTRA hard this one!
I think I'm starting to see a bit of an improvement on my art... what do you guys think?
*snickers* uh-oh! looks like they're in for trouble!
What do you guys think of this page? Sorry for the cliff hanger.
(this page took FOREVER!)
Sorry - this seems to keep happening...
Sorry for the Hiatus... The past few weeks have been shaky and scary to say the least... Let's hope to a productive holiday before exams!

As an apology we give you a bit of a tantalizing sketch of the serious Hazel in a relaxing moment of privacy~!
Finally Got it up!
Thank You.
A big Thank You to all of you who support, watch, and/or have subscribed to us! :) It means so much to us and it helps us keep going! Thank you. Stay Awesome!

What little assholes... (good so far though!)
(decided out of shear boredom to post this little icon we made)
We're Back!
Sorry it took so long! The ball shall now, finally, start rolling!

We even launched our own website! XD
Come check it out!
@snowshadow: Thank You~ :) The detailing took FOREVER! *snickers* But, well worth it. I appreciate the comment. It's awesome to hear feedback!
We are currently almost finished on our next page~ so heads up for an update! :)
Check us out at Patreon!
This is an accurate warning page... the comic may not seem like much right now but, when the ball finally rolls.
This is a title page~!
Each Chapter will have an image similar to this one!
What do you think so far?
Uh-oh... whatever will happen next? XD

(I've honestly never worked this hard on a comic before! Thoughts? Comments?)
ooh... no.
Well he's got that down! Can't find something? GOOGLE IT!
April 20th, 2016
Leaving Like A Boss.
This is cute~
No... He's NOT ready...