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Uncle Fester
I've been slogging away at retail positions much longer than
a rather shy man of bookish inclinations would normally, but
it sort of pays the bills.
I write short stories when the muses whisper, and am currently attempting to learn how to play a recently
restored mandolin.

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    James Crawford
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Hello, strangers!
A little experiment.
We can always use a few police officers like Jack.
Very touching opening scene.
What goes around, comes around!
Arrest is just an occupational hazard.
Before My Time
I believe this material is well past it's copyright protection date, so I might just upload a few complete stories. This is one page from an early 1940s Canadian comic with WWII themes running throughout.
Well, well. I've finally met someone who can do " Angry Stare " better than Dr. Byrd.
Interesting moment. Plus, you seem to have been quite productive lately. Good on yer!
Someobody's gotta learn to protect his nads a little better.
Man, I gotta upload a different version of this. This one looks like he's drooling his spinach or something.
Guest Cartoon
A little something my buddy whipped up.
uh oh!
Since the previous upload was political in nature, I'll pop this one up as well.
I have a fan art project that I've given myself, but it's taking too long. Until then...
It's interesting to see a character based on " The Fairy Godfather " act like this. They're both flamboyant but on opposite ends of the moral spectrum.
Plus, the vibing is well done in the last panel. I don't recall seeing anything by you like that before, unless it was with just old-fashioned vibe lines.
Well, I didn't see THAT coming.
Yippy Ky Yay!
There's another version of the same sort of joke, only on my DA account:
Excellent work on the clothes, and the little shadows.
Take care.
Mea Culpa Maxima
@Fauna: I'm sorry. I can be a complete noob about some things. It didn't occur to me that I had to post it on your wall, and I forgot that sometimes I don't see what pops up on other people's statuses. If I had remembered that, I would have realized why it escaped your notice. I didn't honestly think that you snubbed me on purpose, but I was a little hurt about it for a while. My bad. I'm glad you like it. (Cool avatar, btw. Maybe I should update mine! Its been up for a while. )