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You should've called it :If SEGA made Pokemon...
I like the new system. I admit, I did use TMs for money in Blue version, but now you can teach all the good moves to your Pokemon as many times as you want.
Dragonthing is adorable even when he's blasting an over-sized Ember.
It say Fallou3 in your discription. You should fix that.

Its time's like this when a Shoop da Whoop would show up.
Amy is evil! They can finally lock her away where no one will ever see her scum again! I HATE AMY SOOOO MUCH!!!
Tails.......shut the hell up before's her face hears you.
Uhh... ok. At leat you updated man. We've been waiting for more.
Why'd you kill who cream is so fast?
I'm leaveing the comic because I've posted absolutly no comics, and there hasn't been an update in what seems like months.
EEEEWWW... but nice use of shading.
The comic seems alright. I really like the cool eye effects on the last pannel.
Sonic11, you guy is just a Manic recolor.
ccpop, it's been almost a month...mabey 3 since you added any comics.
He looks like he's humping chikorita. <:O
Hey ccpop, and anyone elss.
hey ccpop, and everyone elss thats interested, anyone want to join my new author comic, Legends of Mobius? I still don't have any authors so I thought I'd invite anyone who wants to join.
Hey ccpop, can you send me a sprite sheet of your pink guy, I have an idea for something cool.
You made a few spelling mistakes