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Thoughts after rereading
Thanks to Extra 3, page 1 ("The night they've met"), I decided to reread this. And there's a few things I've thought of on the way. Both your art and your English has improved so much, you should be so proud of yourself. On top of that, you're so... consistent! Both in the style you've presented this comic and the content within it. For a while, probably since the past chapters were almost done, I had felt like this had somehow changed. But it hadn't, your style of writing and organization is consistent and intriguing.

By rereading this beautiful work, I got to remember and connect all the pieces- pondering puzzles that I never pondered before. Hakakku having "reasons" to not be afraid of demons and the like, who called them fags, Hakakku calling Nevee a "she-male," his fear of being alone... the list goes on and on but it's unnecessary.

I noticed correlations with other comics (that I adore), but quickly developed beyond that. For instance, the plot for Ch1 in a nutshell: Boy meets boy, boy asks to live with boy, one boy is depressed and not super comfortable with the relationship, the other is already falling in love, is a gay murderer, and technically knew him when he was younger. (I reread KaitoShuno last month, can you tell?)

When I started reading this masterpiece in 2011, it was just another comic to yaoi fangirl over when I was 16. But it was never just that for you, it was a story that was ever growing- as if you had everything planned way back when.

What I'm trying to say here is: Vilani, you're a brilliant writer and I hope you continue to do this for as long as it makes you happy (:
You weren't kidding
After seeing the little hint you gave us on page 804, I decided to just reread the whole thing... And you really weren't kidding when you said there's a method to your madness xD
September 21st, 2015
October 31st, 2014
OMG if you back away with blurry version and look at the last panel, it's absolutely hilarious.
September 27th, 2014
Jus' saying
Awesome position is awesome.
Can't get enough of that Tweety booty!
Well, he did say "screw you" lol :D
The Prince's name should be
Sir Spongebobitticus Squarepanticus.
Or maybe. Squidwardyus Centicallus.
[You know you want to use one of those names. You know you dooo.]


Or if he's bad guy. Gary. Dx
But if he's not, one of the above
Or or or or.
Or. Pescado Yams.
I just finished this like. An hour ago.
And then it updates again 8DDD
I get first comment. 8D
Haha. I love this 8D
I finished it. Erased the numbers. And now I'm coloring. [Christmas Eve is so booooooring] 8DDD
Just finished this. And then it updates again :D

Mmmmmm. I love this thinggg.

And then I got first comment with my first comment on this :DDD

Anywayysss. Awesome as alwayssss
Wonder how long it'll take people to notice that the names spell out GHOST. Wonderful. Strictly wonderful.

Sleep deprivation sucks DD:
Boiiii! Nooo! D8 Don't do it!!

Galinda, that would be perfect xD
Though they might want to learn the language xD

[Why would 'Boys Don't Cry' by The Cure come on my iPod now, of all times? .__. Weirdddd xD]
Les Miserables!!

And then Adam is all
'o.o .... o.o okay. MISSION ACCOMPLISED 8DDDD'
Wow. I haven't seen this for a while XD
AND I get first comment? Woah XD
And I finally have my 100th fave XDD [no life]
Perfect timing.
This has moved along pretty fast.. last I saw I was around... chapter 3 I think XDD
Man.. I saw this like forever ago, read it and forgot to fave it .__. then find it again with 15+ more pages and obviously a plot XD

Yay plotting! Very helpful [prevents writer's block (mostly) XD]
Artwork... so pretty *-*
Must.. fave... *faves*
-stares- *-*
I swear.. my heart like.. stopped beating for a second when I saw this updated *-* And then.. I almost started happy-crying XD You've been missed TmT
Jesus? ._.
...that was good timing ._.
First commment..?? ._o
Can't wait for next page ^__^