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In the 2nd pannel it should be "I know it's swearing" not "I know it swearing"
I change my vote to Blade. It sounds cool and I like how it uses both the 'cut and combine' (i.e. Badass) and the characteristic (i.e. Turbo) methods of making fusion names.
Shadow- Final Inferno would be their super finishing move if and when they go super.

I like Bolero the best.
I would just have a person (not a robot) with ninja like stealth skills sneak into Dr. Light's lab a night and shoot him with a silenced pistol in his sleep. I wouldn't use a real ninja because they to obsested with 'honor' to do something so cheap and I wouldn't use a robot because that's just asking for failure.
two words: Stochholm Syndrome
I saw the resimblence. In fact, for the whole fight, I thought Zack was Kai, 'cause I don't pay enough attention to clothing.
I saw the resimblence. In fact, for the whole fight, I thought Zack was Kai, 'cause I don't pay enough attention to clothing.
Are they the only ones on the plane or something? He was shouting earlier, so someone must have heard him...
Love the new layout! <3 The new music is nice two. Nice comic, it doesn't look all that rushed to me. ^_^
LoZfan03- I think they will be more effective separate than together because Quint (if he's smart) probably has a copy of Ashura's speed data. but that mite(sc?) not be possible.
Screw you 'Chidna
*pelts 'Chidna with burning rocks and fourth wall fragments*
Logic is the sole thing that determines what the voices in my head tell me to do!
happy birthday Fed!
Also, my birthday's on the 13th. =3
That entire battle confused the hell out of me. could barely tell what was going on. but don't think I'm insulting you or complaining, after all it was absolutly BEAUTIFUL and I could follow it. it's just hard to see what exactly is happening in the smaller pannels.

this has little to do with today's comic exept that this is the end of the battle...
It is, right?

I just finished the archives! this is totally awsome! definite fav
so cute, but Matthew should have winked at Helen! :3
yay!! *glomping huggles*
I've been waiting for this!!!!!!!!!!! XD
oh, so he's an elf-dragon! that explains the super ginormous ears.
keep both lower caps and colored hair and eyes! the aethereal dragon has spoken!
*hugs catqueen13 for the poorly done mouth*

you'll improve! ^_^
Very cute!

is that a bar (as in a counter) that she's sitting on or something else?