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I'm sorry, The comic is on indefinite hiatus.
I lost flash when I switched Operating systems, so I can't make comics anymore.

however, I have a youtube series called Dairantou Gaiden if anyone wants to see any more of my comedic work!
lost under the mat... lol...
this is hilarious... you should make a strip where an original nobody shows up and they're trying to guess what his name is by scrambling it up... that would be funny, if they weren't taking him seriously at all.
Speech Bubble Explanation:
Okay, here's how it works:

Black bubbles represent demonic characters. So Soma, (he's demonic, since he is technically the dark lord.) Alucard, all monsters, and Dracula all have black speech bubbles. In case the strip gets crowded and I have to put disconnected bubbles in the comic, I'll point out now which characters' texts are which color:

Soma: White (Black background)
Jonathan: Red
Alucard: Red (Black background)
Julius: Green.
Charlotte: Blue
Nathan: Orange
Dracula: Purple (Black background)
Minions: Yellow (Black background)

While this will become obvious later, and most viewers will be able to catch on, I just want to clarify here to avoid confusion.
...what advice was that?
I don't remember you commenting on my webcomic before. What advice did you give me?
Yeah, that's the same reason why I like Soma. Dawn of Sorrow was the first castlevania game I ever played. I got the rom for aria of sorrow on my mac, and I beat it there too. I played Circle of the Moon, and beat it. The card system was really cool, but it just COMPLETELY left him vulnerable to this kind of abuse.
help me out...
what sucks, the comic?
Yes, Vivvav...
The $?313370/\/ is THAT severely hacked.
Yep, he's back. The sprites were ripped by someone who goes by the name of King Metroid. He said on the sheet to give credit, so I shall.
... you did NOT just make a hey arnold reference...
Isn't the "that's the dumbest idea I've ever heard... let's do it" thing from the hey arnold series?
Yeah, this whole soma thing:
It's all real. It's based off of an actual glitch in Dawn of Sorrow, in the abyss world. You can go through a wall, and find yourself falling through the sky. when you stop falling, and run back into the room, you'll find yourself in posession of ridiculous quantities of souls. But for the love of god... DON'T USE RIPPER!
Good god... Leet... what's next?
For those of you who do not speak leet (I needed to look this stuff up as well), here is what it translates to:

Lvl: roxorz
Low Quality
Yeah, This comic is so long that it JUST exceeded the size limit, so I had to make it a Gif. Which is a shame, since it's such a momentous comic. My apologies.
Ownage is Imminent
Yeah, Soma's back, as promised. This newfound power could get pretty interesting. I almost feel sorry for the Alastor. And no, he's not dark lord Soma, I recolored the aura around him so that he's just powerful, not evil.
Good to hear.
Yeah, I have a plan on how to bring him back, and it will probably be soon. I never planned on letting him die forever, he's my favorite castlevania protagonist.
Got some backgrounds
Thanks to WolfLanDarkwolf, I found some more backgrounds for the comic. Oh, and out of curiosity, who here wants to see Soma come back?
Really? it does?
It reminds me of the relation between Stone and Stein in the musical City of Angels. Kind of a writer-protagonist relationship. Stone is nothing without Stein to create him, and Stein is nothing without Stone because the fame of his stories he wrote about him is what got him to where he was. I can just picture it now.
If anyone knows where to find Castlevania backgrounds, PM me immediately. This map I'm using is the last one in my library. I can't find any more, but I know there are others out there. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Sorry if some of the text is a bit blurry. I use a mac, and the process I use to make my comics has gotten pretty convoluted since I switched text styles. In short, I made a mistake, and had to copy a copy of the comic, and since the copying process blurrs it a tiny bit, it got double blurred. It is a one time thing, I assure you. (this double copying thing is why Charlotte's last line is bigger in text.) I'd like to change it, but it's imposible right now.

In other news, I desperately need some background images of some of the levels in castlevania, perferrably some of the starting ones. I haven't been able to find any, and the gang is going to start adventuring soon.

one last note: sorry the comics haven't been as funny. Bear with me, these comics are more of an exposition thing, like the title says. The hilarity will resume in a comic or two.