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Sora Kohaku
I love to read and write....I also love to draw, but you'll probably never see any comics of mine uploaded.
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I don't like Kyla, but I understand why she is doing this. Her boyfriend is sleeping with her brother! If that happened to any of us who wouldn't pull something like this. Does it matter if Lyle is in love with Kaden? No. It doesn't excuse his betrayal of his sister. Frankly I agree with Theron, Lyle IS being pathetic. Going around and longing for a guy who won't care if he hurts him until it's already happened. I like Lyle, but it doesn't mean I don't want to punch him for being an idiot. (He reminds me of some of my friends. I never had patience for this kind of idiocy after the crap I went through as a kid.) Lyle just as much at fault as Kaden in this. He's cut his hair, now he's really got to move on. Kyla needs to stop being two faced and confront the two of them. Doing stuff behind their backs endears her to no one. But I am really suprised at the amount of people who think she is in the wrong and being selfish. Is it wrong for her not want her boyfriend to sleep with someone else especially her brother. She may not know for sure but she sure has a strong suspicion Honestly she needs to break it off and find a new guy. I hope that happens. I bet we'll find that she's not such a bad person then. End the end all three of them are in the wrong. Man I need to go back and reread in case I'm wrong. It IS just a strong suspicion right now, right?

In the end Theron is a bit too devious for me so Mama Kitty is my favorite character. Ross is such an innocent cutie. Please oh please never change! Unless you just get better and better!
For those who might be having trouble figuring out DPI and this.

Especially if you're scanning your work.
Such a cute ending! And, I'll be showing up for the sequel for sure!
Make both if possible. A facebook page would be pretty easy to upkeep, so you'd only really have to worry about the website.
It makes me so happy to know I'm taller than Siro. I'm taller than someone who isn't a child even if it's only by 2.4cm I'm still taller!
Let me guess....Haru's dad also wears glasses.
She totally deserved it. Since Haru made it known that he didn't approve frankly her advances could be considered sexual assault at that point. Poor Haru. Does this mean he has some trauma from it since he punched Shiratori even though he was only going to kiss him? If it is I know our Shiratori-kun will help him get past it! XD
But, unlike Herz, Soki you can bleed to death from too many injuries. At least I think you can. Unless there's something we don't know about you. XD
Sora Kohaku
September 3rd, 2010
Lol. I'm totally going to be like that Granny when I'm older. I'll do it for the lawls. And, hopefully I won't be too creepy. ^_~
Oh, no. They're going to think Tommy is behind all the killings for sure now.

RIP Cute Cop.
Let's just assume Soki has a really small head. I have to wonder why Gloomy Bear is stalking Soki....or if there is even a reason at all. For some reason I think I like Soki the best though Herz is a very very very close second.
Sounds like you're talking from experience there who could you be referring to?
JIHJIKNJMNFjilsHNJFDKJKDJAAAAARRRRGHHH! I MUST KNOW NOW!!! I agree with the others who are saying that it must be that Haru has never been kissed. It would explain why he freaked out when Shiratori tried to lay one on him. :D

Is it the faces your having trouble with or with the hairstyles or both for his seme?
I adore Ross so much. He's so cute. I can't figure out if Theron likes Lyle or if he's just trying to push him into confessing his feelings to Kaden. Because it seems like even though Lyle and Kaden have sex Lyle has yet to actually tell Kaden about liking him. I'm hoping Theron is just trying to push them together because I think Ross and Theron would be so cute together (and it kinda seems like Theron likes him). Or Theron could just be a huge flirt. Which he probably is...but he still hits on Ross even though he gets knocked around.
Sora Kohaku
August 26th, 2010
Mmmh, I want me a pink haired man as well. Too bad I'm a girl. *sad face*
Haru's secret isn't that his mother use to dress him as girl when he was child is it? XD I don't just popped into my head for some reason.
Side story side story side story! I agree with MightyCustard as far as a seme goes. I think it would be amusing for his seme to be flaming gay. Or at least ridiculously humorous. Kinda of like Aleister Chamber from Kuroshitsuji, and then have his personality change when they're alone from happy-go-lucky to more sexually charged and demanding. Or maybe Haru's cousin could be his seme...he's available isn't he? :D
For years I went around using Metia as a username in honor of Metis. XD Nice to see her. he Eila's Daddy's help? :D
I think Shiratori will get tipsy while Haru will get drunk and tell him everything and then try to make a pass at him (as his dreams indicate some attraction might exist) and Shiratori decides to go along with it because he's not exactly in the state to resist. Though we could get a surprise and Shiratori does get pissed drunk and Haru is fine. Anyways it's fun to speculate! :D