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I'm so sorry that I took so long to update this comic...But exams are finally over- so hopefully I can get this going again.

This picture is something like a preview pic of a battle I would love to draw- Ichimaru Gin and Sirius Black having a duel. Although this fight would not occur until like further down the timeline of my current comic, I was really itching to draw this scene.

This is the first time I am trying out a new style, and I hope it looks ok, or at least an improvement from previously.

And to those who have commented and faved this, thank you so much!
I'm so sorry for the long time spent putting this up! Was extremely busy with schoolwork- anyway I will try to update this comic at least once a week!

I hope the comic is not going too slow... because I like to flesh out my stories as I draw, and don't like to rush things- but feedback will be much appreciated!

Thanks to all who have faved and commented- you guys are really reason why I keep on going- Am much grateful for all your support! :)
I appreciate criticism- but only if it is constructive. So if you think that my art is bad... please tell me why. This is how I can improve. I will be deleting comments that merely flame.

To the rest who haved faved me and given such wonderful comments- thank you. They really mean a lot to an amateur like me.
The author
Hi... I am new here- Hopefully you all will like my comic! Please give some feedback or comments if you like it... because I don't have any formal training and am really eager for feedback!

I will try to update on a weekly basis- or maybe more so if I have time :)