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I started the now very sucessful "Let's Review, Shall we?" or as some have come to know it, "WE REVIEW COMICS!"

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Don't send me a comic author Invite without asking me first.
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Tell me about it. I thought that ran out of style way back when.
While the comics main principle is to be stupid, there's not much there besides a hell of alot of cringe, without any real substance. And I've gotten pretty critical in my old age.
So even if this comic is supposed to be a parody...
Which I think it's trying to be, it fails to be a really good parody, leading more often to cringe then real laughs or humor. The scores would only slightly shift from that angle.
Running a tad behind, but the review is being processed and done, look forward to it tonight.
Done deal then, will have review up on Friday.
Well this review is long past due. Time to message the Author to tell him it exists so... yay.

Edit: Also, being it's a multiauthor comic, you will need to have other authors agree to the review. If you can just get one of them to comment here, we will look at it. No need to get all of them.
Sorry it never happened, things got really chaotic at one point, then the Reviews weren't coming out as fast and it just piled up and up and up..
Thats the spirit man. I do wish you the best. As long as it makes you happy who cares what someone like me says.
Hardly went easy on him.
I'v egot no plans of leaving again, least not any time soon. Life's just been one of those rollercoasters, and after the last time I spoke with some people here, I dropped it, cause I was overwhelmed with Stress.
Of course. I did notice the eyes, but that really didn't influence the score, it was more a fun little jab at the eye thing, more then something that was really an issue. Infact I was looking for an old comic where Shadow wanted to be a woman and put his eye in there as a part of the joke, but either the comic was deleted, or I just can't find it anymore. Ah well. But for the prologue, I agree, that there are many ways to tell a story, but I feel the prologue set doesn't do a great job of opening us up to the world of the characters. It does it's job, but I feel it could have been better was all. Thank you for taking the review in strive and I hope that it was helpful in some way.
The problem is Whip, how to do it and make it look like an accident.. then to hire the spirit to bring her back so she'll make it...
And here I was thinking of redoing my sheet, and here you come full scale, running Reidy. I lost any talent I had while I was gone. Where'd you go? To a sprite making prison or something? XD
Both Reviews are done and preloaded. One is set for 'morningish noon' and the second will be 3 hours later.
Alright, double reviews are out.
I've preloaded both Reviews, so someone reading this will know. So, I need more comics to review. Tell your friends, let me see what they got. Next Review will be Tuesday, New Reviews or not. Hell, there's a list back there, I could pick from if need be.
Congratulations on your homosexuality? :p

Anyway, I know what it's like to be Mad gay my man, life changes all. And cool, I'll look it over, maybe make Friday a twofer day, or maybe I'll just do yours for Tuesday. Since I missed this last tuesday, might do the twofer.
Glad to see you two are still sticking around here. Strange to think it's been a few years and you've both not changed much. Guess that's fair to be honest. Honestly, think it'd be weird if both of you weren't you guys.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I'll look over Airborne if that's what you want.