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I started the now very sucessful "Let's Review, Shall we?" or as some have come to know it, "WE REVIEW COMICS!" Look for an upcoming project under the code name, Bookworms.

I draw, sprite, and write. I'm a 3 in 1 package deal. Examples of my drawing skills can be found on my deviantart:
Examples of my spriting skills can be found throughout SJ, Mainly on SS2 and Yama's Sprite Garage.

Hobbies: Video Games, Reviewing, Spriting, Guitar, Drawing.
Likes: ORIGINALITY, spriting, comics, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Dislikes: Most Trolls, Preppy people, Stupid people, and those who waste their talents.
Listens to: Rock.
Favorite Movies: 9, Nightmare before christmas
Favorite Games: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knux

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Don't send me a comic author Invite without asking me first.

For Secret Santa, Any Character found on my DA that belongs to me is quite acceptable, or if you've already started, anything that is drawn. :3 I'm not picky.
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Want me to take a look then?
If Requested by the Author, a comic can get a rereview. This can be for several reasons, A bad reviewer who's just mean, the comic's been improved upon by last review, the author is unsatisfied with the last review, those and others are grounds for a re review. Usually though, the limit is 2 reviews within a span of time.
@ Ultizeta: While I do indeed understand the reasons for alarm, I can assure you the review is unbiased as possible. While I have worked with Shard in the past, I have not truly spoken to her in years. She requested a re-review, with scores, so she can see what areas needed working on. As for the Ket being in the review thing, yes, I did indeed do that, thinking it'd be a fun little thing. But the review was written before adding Ket, she was added as a sort of, hey, this'd be funny to do, let's go for it. But thank you for critiquing my review style. I suppose I should restructure it. It's an old format I used and just stuck with. Perhaps it's time for a new way of working it out
But I was asked to be thourough, so I did the best I could. Also I had a guest I wasn't expecting. But yeah. You can check out the comic here if you want.
... Fuuuuuuuu
I forgot to add the thing about the author self inserting himself into the comic a few times... Bleh. Whatever, it'd not lower any scores by much so whatever. Anyway, comic link is here if you wish to read.
I need to do a review. God it's been forever.
I think I set it at 10, but honestly, 20 would be best.
@Snurple: I'll review your comic Meteor. Sorry no one has, seems alot of the people I thought were on board might have fallen off board. Either accidentally, or purposely. I know Whip is having things go on.
So quick update.
Life sucks. Anyway, I will be doing reviews again some time in the near future when I finally get some room to do so. I also need you guys to start doing reviews as well. We've got some customers been waiting a while guys. So let's get reviewing, shall we?
*CRACK SLAM* GAAAAAAAAAASP.... So... Hi there. I've been sort of held up by life, and I want to apologize for that. A full time job and what I want to do with my life are constantly conflicting, so there has to be cuts made somewhere. Regardless, this isn't about my life. This is about comics. AND THIS COMIC IS CALLED NINJA KITTEH VS SHAOLIN PUPPY. So yeah. Let's go ahead and Review, Shall we?

Comic Link here -

Presentation - 5/10 - The comic starts out in a very bad place with me. No Banner, No Color, only 33 fans. Already there's a bit of a pit in my stomach. And it doesn't help the first few comics are hand drawn, then scanned in, giving it a sort of messy set up. As the comic progresses, you can tell the artist took note of the last thing I said, and started to work on the art in the comic. There are a few points that the comic art increases in style and neatness, then soon being transferred to a somewhat digitally cleaned up version. The later art is much more clean, much more presentable, some of them even come with backgrounds, but most of the pages take place in what I like to call the white space of infinity. The major points where this comic could improve is to get a bit more diverse backgrounds, get a banner and work on the site to make it stand out more, and maybe a few splashes of color, or some more colored comics to break up the monotony of Black and White. Right now there are far too few colored ones.

Story - 8/10 - Follow the adventures of two roommates, one being a shaolin monk, the other a ninja assassin. While the story is majorly non-sequitur, there are a few pieces that show at least a partial understanding of Shaolin teachings, and Ninja training, a few stories that have over arching support to the characters, and then most of the jokes are cutely done, or genuinely funny. Over all, Story here is more focused on the humor, the small character development, Characters introductions when needed, and little nuggets of morals. I can't speak for much else of the story, and only way to improve it would be to make some arcs longer then they are. Though the artist seems to be stepping that direction at the present.

Characters- 6/10- Shaolin Puppy or Puppeh, depending on artist digression is usually calm, easy going dog who takes life similar to the Shaolin way of life. While not following ALL Shaolin teachings, it's obvious that the character was intended to be a Shaolin monk, with how h- .. I think it's a he, but I can't remember. I know Kitteh's a girl.. ah well. With how they talk, how they react to situations, and their sense of humor. Kitteh on the other hand is as one comic puts it, one of the worst ninjas. She's loud, emotional, and sometimes just plain everywhere. She has a couple of abilities that mimic popular ninja techniques, but besides that, Ninja Kitteh seems not to have chosen her life style, like Puppeh might have. It's hard to give a full description of the characters, since their personalities change from here to their, while having some things remain the same. Then there's a Sheppard dog, who due to my skipping around due to how large the comic is, I don't have much info on. Not even a name. I tried to find it, with no luck. But that's how I review big comics like this. 100 in the beginning, 100 in the end, and a few in the middle.

Originality - 9/10 - The jokes are funny and original. The story arcs are too. Our two main characters are both likable, relate-able, and somewhat fleshed out. And I've never heard of a comic that has to do with a Shaolin Monk Dog and a Ninja Assassin Kitteh being roommates, have you?

Total - 28/40 - 70%
Life sucks.
Working sucks. Being an adult sucks.
But hey, an update from me. See you all in like 6 weeks.
Honestly? 40 hour work weeks. It sucks bad.
Choosen Undead, I see you've come to slay the King Knight. here, take this Shovel.

CU: *Backstab Backstab Backstab*
So sorry for all the lateness..
Just got a new job and been trying to get life in order. But! More updates to be coming.
Thanks guys. I'll pick up Talon's comic first then I'll get to anoother of Hero's sometime later. Expect it sometime next week.
Didn't someone claim your comic? Either way, I would be more then willing to review it for you if you want.
Lazy picture is lazy
So as of right now, we've got nothing to review with a few exceptions, such as Shard's Aware, which the reviewer is waiting until the current arch ends to review. So uh... anyone need anything reviewed?
"Trianing". This is why we need books.