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I started the now very sucessful "Let's Review, Shall we?" or as some have come to know it, "WE REVIEW COMICS!"

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Don't send me a comic author Invite without asking me first.
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@Mist the Moonhunter: Well shit, haven't seen you in forever. How are things?

Also to everyone else, since reviews aren't' being asked for, and I've received a new job, I'm taking a break till something new comes in. Though at the rate this is going, I wouldn't doubt that review comics are way past their prime I suppose.
Sorry for the delay...
College is a pain in my ass but it's like that good pain when someone whips you and you are like- You know what, never mind.
College happened, review tomorrow. Sorry about all that.
@m.Delto: Alright, seeing the Smiffy has been reinstated, I'll start reviewing then.
@m.Delto: Where did the other comments go? And in order for me to review the comic, I need two Authors to confirm they want the review, since there are multiple authors.
I'm rechecking on it, as the author that posted it is no longer apart of it.
Well my list cleared up unexpectedly, due to author's not being authors anymore, so I need to find something else to review, meaning I might not post tomorrow, might post friday. Fido, floors yours if you want it.
Well, SMF asked the reviewing comic I have to review this comic, is that review still requested or was that more of a SMF being trolly kinda thing?

Also, Nice to see you still running around GBA.
Sure can. Got another comic I gotta review before yours but after that, I'll be able to look at it, unless someone gets to it before me Don't ever be discouraged by what someone says. As long as what you do makes you happy, that's what matters in the long run. Reviews after all are just oppinions of someone from the outside, and as much as we try not to be biased, Reviewers always will have a little biased based on tastes and ideas. I'm glad to see you are willing to work on improving it and I'm sad I missed a few things you put out there. But for a 500 page comic, it's easy to miss things.

@Hero of Comedy: No kidding. It's like I'm basically the only one running this show. ...Wait, I kinda am. Ah well, it's my choice to do so that's all that matters.
It's only...
A month late, but here it is. A Review. Let's try not to fall off the wagon again, shall we?
Taking a tad longer, I'll have it up Tuesday, gonna see if I can Double post or something
I'll review it, but it'll be up Friday. Computer is back so I'll get them up.
@u_fido_u: As of right now, I'm going back and looking at the last comments and posting reviews of those, from before we stopped posting. From there, I'm also taking in any new reviews that come in,so we've got a good mix. If you can find the old list, or wanna start setting up a new list, that's fine to do.

@artofjoe: Of course your comic is welcome to join the roster. I unfortunately can't review, but I'm sure one of my co-workers would love to look into it. If it's not up by the time I get back, I'll take it once the computer is up and running.
So.. How are you guys?
Alright so let me explain why I've not updated this week. One, it's my comic, I'll update if I want to. Two, I've had a wedding for a friend that was way more important. Three, my harddrive decided it didn't like living anymore so my computer as of right now is... Well dead. Hopefully I'll have her running up by next week, but WCS, it might be the rest of the month. If that happens, I trust those that have decided to stay will review in my place, though I can't count on that, as they've got their lives. So for those waiting for reviews, cause I know you all are just *DYING* to get your reviews, *eyeroll* Suck it up Buttercup. We run this on our time when we feel like it. So yeah. Other authors, do what you can, I'm out for a week or so. Lata.
Bans have been removed, as this comic goes up.
I'm going to say this once, if you are here to start beef with another user, take it elsewhere. I'm not here to stop beefs or start beefs, but I request that this comic space stay beef free. That being said, here's a review for an author that may or may not still be on the site. Woo, time to tell them it's up.
Sad to say that your comment is probably more sarcasm then anything, but even if it is i thank you for commenting at least in a somewhat respectablr fashion. Even if it is sarcastic.
To those I've recently banned,
The ban will be revoked on Friday. I don't care what beef you have with anyone of my authors, you will keep it off of my comic. You wish to bring beef with them, do it elsewhere. It's not my business nor the business of anyone who reads this comic. This is simply a review place, not a place for you to beef with people. If you've got a complaint about the temp ban, PM me and we will talk it out if need be. Thank you. Let's leave this place as a neutral ground and nothing more and move on that way.

Anyway, this is StickVenture's Review!
Temporary ban for the both of them, should it come to it, they will be permanent. Thought this Website would have grown up a bit. As for you Wits, I'll be sending you a PM shortly.