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Poor Elks, he's so confused. *That kick seemed to be overly effective, yet it did nothing. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN*
Oh noes! Ecks just accidentally severed that poor girl's spinal column. Does that mean he's disqualified?
That means you win! yay?
Ah, they grow up so fast. One day they're eating you to take your form. The next, they're punching golems clear across the room.
If I had to guess, I'd say Alika can hold a form so long as she doesn't do any more transforming, i.e. making words.
Such grace! What form! That move!!

Alika has just performed a manoeuvre that can only belong to the most sinister; the most devious; the most difficult technique ever devised!

That's right folks! This blue kid knows PILATES!
If I was in one of those bubbles I'd probably start doing weird shit like trying to run in it like a hamster ball, then when I'd finally get picked for my turn to dance with the pain golem I would just land on my face and eliminate myself
@Faewild: Kina's Fae/Yokai? So is this set on Riariti then?
This "Honourable" fighting will do nothing but get you killed, sir.
Besides, refusing to ready your weapon against a known threat is just foolishness. You don't even have to attack first, just be ready to counter.
@AlmaPheonix: pretty sure he just thinks that if he breaks the testing equipment then everyone else would be disqualified by default.
April 22nd, 2016
They're probably wondering if there's a way for them to be able to subsume the stars. and whether they might taste good.