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Please forgive me paperclipluver onigai

Ok So I Guess You Nosey Peeps Wanna Know About Me.

1. Im Totaly Negortory [ Negitive Is Me ]

2. Can Speak Some Japanese [ Go Me ]

3. I Love Shounen-Ai [ Heh Ehh ]

Discription Discription Erm Neh!!!

I Have No Idea What My Real Hair Colour Is,Was. XD

I Have Really Blue Eyes, Meny Have Asked If I Wear Contacts. I DON'T XD!!!

I Was Born ... You Really Dont Need To Know

Im English But Sound American Strangly What Can I Say Im A Born Comedian!!!

Fav Comic ***Something New By Devdasi***
Its Amazing!!! 5*

I Love Please Kill Me By a2mania It Rocks
Also 5*

Well This Could Go On So Check Ma Favs Out.

BTW Erm As Far As Commics Go Gekkou Nue Is Not My First Or Last XD

Thanks For Your Time

Afternoon ATM Its 13:21 On Sunday The 14th
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.. guest person. wth, if you have to bitch do it in your bloody head some people actully love this artist work! AND the good thing about art is that if the ARTIST isnt happy with a particular project s/he can touch it up later! she has to keep ALL of us fans happy by posting most of us admire the story, if i could draw like that id be so proud of myself! and to get all the different poses and still make each character look the exactly the same is a bloody skill!!!!

your so talented, i cant draw hands, how do you make them hand like lol xx
i love RCT3 its amazing lol, cant wait till the net update ^=^ its got a good story very unique
your lucky being 154 im only 149 ¬¬ lovin the comic (y)
omg my name
been a long time since someone has the same name as me. im the only heather in my village im sooo lonesum

rule britania wooptidoo lmao
i cant wait sexyynesss^^
tht was sooo funnny

hehe richard and henry wo0p