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Yo I'm David.
I'm gunna start a comic soon... Just need to get round to it
I <3 Manga and Music :D
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They need to make a baby kangaskhan XD
Can you get it in the Uk?
Nice comic btw ^^
The thing I hate most is that they are reusing story lines. Like, almost exact copies.
Man, I was so gunna post a comic this weekend till my scanner broke D:
Uhm, the pictures been deleted..
LOL Owned....

I was wondering, how do you sign up to this? I'm not the best artist, but I'll try :]
you make Dialga much more cool then he is in.. everything else.
I sure hope he sings again
Your comics are very good :D and first post ^^
Deian is cool =D
I LOVE the bunny ^^
April 9th, 2008
I love your art :D
You have this page up twice...
I just realised I never said I really like your new avatar, so here you go, its great =D
your comics are great!
I faved ages ago, but I dunno if I said
but yeah!
its great artwork ^^
arnt they only taking over the world so that they can be good?
'cause they can't be good in jail
I have just read ALL of your comics in like three days :O
and I didnt realise I had fnished!

I like the fact the bad guys are sort of pwning the good guys!
good work keep it up (Y)
a robot WITHOUT a self destruct sequence?
thats impossible!
wow you used bunnies as a background :P
December 10th, 2007
my not so clever brain wonders where to vote O.o
damn suspense ¬¬
this REALLY makes me wanna read more