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A furry, a brony, and an Otaku. I also really love dragons. I am on the Autistic Spectrum. That is all I will share.
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@Campion: When did you change your mind about her? Was her being another abuse victim something you planned when you first introduced her?
@Campion: When did you say that about Talitha?
@Bruce: It actually is more expensive to have the death penalty because of legal expenses.
@Campion: Mushroom! Mushroom!
@MviluUatusun: I think that lots of dudes, not just criminals, dressed like that because it was cool.
@Casanova: I am actually more worried about how she is going to explain this to Benni and Caleb.
@Campion: Merry Christmas
@Cedar Woods: If anybody does that they will probably get lots of STDs. I think his junk should be forced into a blender, then burned and buried.
@Joe: Somebody has said the S word before in the comic.
I don't get this one
What was Tanya going to say before she was interrupted? I don't get it.
@Brad: I see that typo too. It is in the second panel
This is not the first time I have seen a rabbit with that name. It is such a perfect name for a serious rabbit.
@Campion: That isn't a definite answer. Does that mean you haven't decided yet what anthros exist or don't exist?
So this confirms that there are avian anthros in this world. What about reptilians? Can you give some examples of anthros that do not exist in your world?

I would be disappointed if cuttlefish and jellyfish anthros didn't exist.
@Cedar Woods: The florist is not what I am worried about. It is something else.
@Campion: Something bad is going to happen. I think I have an idea what it is.
The explosion draws closer
@Campion: The explosion is coming.