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July 24th, 2008
^^ your art is like an original Korean manwha, but way better because there's probably a slight twist in the style only brought out by you...
you're Korean? I'm Korean! let's get kimchi burgers! uh... ^^;
anyway... i will definitely enjoy your updates, and thank you for caring, but the pain is worth your awesomeness. xD
the use of the original 4-panel comic things is FTW. and every one of them was hilarious! i wouldn't know about roomies and getting drunk as i am still not legal, but getting coffee high is as good... =v= yesterday was kinda rough so this just made my day, although the comment is probably a couple days late as i was ignorant to such a great artist such as yourself =_=... anyhow... yes... this was marvelous. ^^
July 24th, 2008
whoa... this is so epic... ><
are you, by chance, korean? sorry, being rude. your art is amazing by the way.. dropped in on your devArt page and was /blown away/ and yes falling off my chair with a numbing leg didn't help much either. >< i'll be looking forward to your updates!!!
i knew this was a oneshot, but how you managed to do this comic below 20 pages and still send out a message is beyond me. sweeet. i love your characters. (somehow became attached just after the first page...)
umm... i lol'd and considering that it's 4 in the morning here, that isn't a good thing. you have the most bestest (there's no adjective i can scourge for in my sleep-deprived brain) sense of humor ever.
uhh... wow... i sort of suck at english so i'd whip up a thesaurus and do all these combinations of adjectives that can actually describe how i think of your oneshots and drawings and anything you do. and yes, i admit to stalking your profile and stripping wirepop to find "out of place" and that was... [insert positive adjective here]... and university of oregon? wow... =_= umm... yes... i'd like to type more on your amazing talent and skillz but it would only involve the words like "wow" and "amazing" and "you are ethereal" and "wow"... so i shall stop. ^^ <heart>
WOW. sorry. that was like... the best 3 minutes I've ever had in my life. ever. That was such a beautiful oneshot and because this was your dream, it just adds to that... ^^ ... sorry... but that's just WOW... I liked. <heart> ^^
this is a big cover... ^^ it just proves the amazing-ness of how you did it. I love the fact that this was a dream you had a while back.