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His logic has my approval.
He seems to have put himself in a position where he now regrets /not/ telling him everything XD
Smiles! Beautiful smiles :3
They're both sharing their opinions and reactions more openly now. It's a joy to see.
I'm very pleased that he openly says that he isn't ready to do that just yet.
He's trying so much, poor man.
All fair so far.
"We argued, had a food fight, and then discussed undying friendship. There may also have been some heavy petting."
We have likely all had this happen at least once. It is never any easier.
Use the ring to bind the corsage.
Passion is a good thing when it is directed well.
A wise woman.
Such delight lighting.
@G.H.S.T: That's about it ^^
This is a beautiful montage.
This page made me chuckle. I await their observations with anticipation.
Clearly your variant lies in creating every feminine character to be beautiful.
"I have to admit that I only requested you for your car."

"I believe you."
That was splendid.