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The bottom panel is so beautiful. You've really developed a knack with varied angle poses and expressions and it adds such a richness to these pages. I don't know if I've mentioned this before - I also really enjoy the lack of gratuitous focus on the zombies and their features as well as violence in general; it's very refreshing.
Such a sweet page - memories of their meeting and bonding with the nemesis' other half. The plaits suit him. I like hers braided that way, too.
Poor guy seems as if he didn't even realise that this much antidote existed. And 'colleagues', hmm? A laboratory of some kind, perhaps? Or doctoring van?
Ouch. That will not feel good.
Ooph, past Axel looks even less well than current Axel.
Yes, I somehow doubt that zombies move cautiously XD
Or perhaps you're a better survivor than you think you are.
I feel you're probably better off without them, babe XD
Yeah, that sounded nothing like an all-clear, Greg.
Well that's just rude.
I like her plaits. Practical as well as petty ^^

It can be difficult to be seen as your own person when you're brought into a group by someone else, sadly.
That makes sense. And, I mean, it is a post-apocalyptic world. People do terrible things even when society isn't fractured and fighting tooth and nail for a meal XD
"You are my drug, babe." XD

Yeah, careers in the arts are universally hard work.
That's probably wise.
Part of me hopes so for the sake of their safety but all great adventures start with something going wrong.
Desktop site is much better than the mobile one, and I can rate the pages too! And lol, some people might ship them but they're obviously just compatible friends so those of us who count will realise that. Your writing isn't ambiguous.
You're better off with Nina to help, dude.
Rofl, he wasn't expecting such forthright yet friendly response, it seems.
I'm not sure he likes the idea of being known as squirrel guy. X'D
There's been such growth in their expressions and facial features in just a short time. You're clearly improving with each update :3