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That's just rude.
Jason is the guard.
This page is so sweet.
That's fabulous. What a splendid cape!
This page feels ominous.
Pep talk - Jason style. Rereading this story is really reminding me of how much your work keeps improving, becoming more expressive and well written with every scene :3
This page is so pretty!
Well... Damn.
Oh. Apparently Jason has more than opinions.
Jason has Opinions.
Wess looks so lost XD
Protective mothers always attempt to suffocate their offspring. It's normal.
Seems they all have their secrets. I wonder why Jason is at the school if he doesn't attend...
What did you /do/, Jason? XD
That final point made me so angry. Progression is so often a facade <.>
I adore this mother.
That card has ninety percent of my attention. The other ten percent is evenly split between joy and dread.
Seems Mat has always been bad at prioritising his own health.
Oh my goodness, this is bittersweet...