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23 hours ago
This is glorious.
An extraterrestrial believer, by the look of it. This'll be interesting...
An absolute pleasure. It's pretty and interesting. Plenty to keep me returning :3
My goodness, this style is cute.
What an adorable final panel :3
This is so sweet. I really like the composition of diary text and images juxtaposed.
Well Zeebee certainly seems unusually curious for a 'service droid'.
Your tea is floating.
The way that that water builds presence as the character progresses is really well done.
Congratulations. You've made water droplets ominous.
The technical knock is a proven scientific method. And yeah... That robot is beautiful but I do pity your wrists. Take it down a notch if you have to, we won't blame you. I'm enjoying this so far! It has a fun premise, interesting storyline, and amusing characters. Although that brunette does say 'buddy' rather a lot. I'm choosing to believe there's a good reason XD
Your puns so far have amused me but that 'To die.' title actually made me chuckle.
Everything is cuter fluffy.
A glorious poker face.
I'd read it.
Agree to paint it, then add bacon. That'll teach him.
December 5th, 2017
A true hero in the making.
Hehe, very clever.
I need to check this Gin and Tonic comic! And yep, a Discord server sounds fun ^^
December 5th, 2017
Making people blush is fun, I don't blame him XD