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That's enough to drive anyone into loneliness; poor Ulii. It's a terrible feeling to know that a loss of control could mean someone's death.
Clearly and kindly put. He has such good parent figures.
Hmm. Esther seems to want to be with someone after all. Perhaps now we will discover some of her thoughts and feelings :3
There doesn't seem to be any animosity, so that's good. I'm curious to discover more of their story.
And now you have delicious and healthy food for later on as well!
You deserve kindness, however. No matter how much it feels you don't.
This poor guy obviously still views her as family and yet she's clearly treated him appallingly. I feel terrible for him.
Kenneth doesn't seem to be very okay with bullshit or perceived spinelessness. I wonder how this is going to progress with time and exposure.
22 hours ago
Closure kisses are a terrible idea XD
I've a feeling he understands more than you think.
22 hours ago
Thank goodness they've realised. I wish you well with the healing of your ankle x
22 hours ago
This whole sequence is so saddening.
Sometimes letting the ones we love choose their own path is one of the most difficult things we can do.
It almost feels as if they don't know how to be in public together.
I sense a beautiful friendship, in time.
Having bad thoughts doesn't stop you from being a good person - it's what you choose to /do/ that matters.
I admire Crush's ability to be so open with his vulnerabilities, especially after what he's been through. It's real growth and great to see.
This looks like trouble.
Something is on her mind. I'm always so curious for more with this story. It's fabulous so far ^^
That cat is so smug! :3