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HI, How are you? I hope that you're having a wonderful day. To start, a little bit about myself. I like reading comics and watching cartoons as well as reading novels and playing with my dog. So far I haven't drawn any comics I'm willing to publish, however, that doesn't mean I don't want to. Maybe sometime in the distant future. Thanks for stopping bye and I wish for good fortune to head your way. Toodles <3
September 15th, 2017
that face in the second panel xD
pfft hahaa Wes's face in the second panel
September 13th, 2017
heavens to betsy they are simply too cute!!
dear lord he gave him his hat omilord my heart is going to explode from sheer adorability
and so it begins
they're adorable and how he had to turn Sooch's head to the paper was fantastic I actually laughed really hard that. good job ^-^
omilord, has he done that the whole five years? that's adorable
well that was awkward XD It can't get any worse now can it?
@raziesgirl: I absolutely agree. Silence is not consent, even if he "secretly" or "subconsciously" wanted it he never agreed to it. Drago here was definitely out of line. I've seen so many stories go down this path of unhealthy, forced relationships that validate such behavior.
December 6th, 2016
awww the dandelions are fluffy now
November 26th, 2016
omg and here I was thinking my otaku heart couldn't love this comic anymore than it already did