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Silver Eevee
Hey I’m zorri and I draw things sometimes

Not as active on here anymore. Check out my Deviantart, (linked below), where I’m always active!
He/She/They k thanks
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@EeveeEon: time to mark this comic as mature
@EeveeEon: oh my god what if shrek is horny today
@EeveeEon: he's going to kick them out of his swamp ;)
<img src=" 0c3b7e-52d7-46f4-8b01-db96f690c782/dd0ivea-7cfd1a6d-8a11-49b7-997b-d009bd5db52c.png "/>
I liked the sketch of this page more than the actual finish tbh
oops I forgot the backgrounds so I decided to make them 'quickly' this morning. They took too long. I should probably eat breakfast now lmao
The swamp man? who could this be?
I just realized I can't put images in my comments oops,, maybe I should change the layout back idk,,
I was going to make a pun about tess and history but I forgot it
im sacrificing myself to you two
im crying no pls
this gives me fear
im going to cry no im tearing up please lotus,,
@ShadowStalker1128: imagine scout is just watching her from afar
@Juice-Chan: no u
@Garnet107: perhaps
@WiispNightmare: cHRIS IS THAT A WEED
hi im here again with another prerecorded message
oh look dramatic finish
damn zorri why the heck do you write such dramatic scripts ugh
I have no excuse

you have no idea how many times I redrew this page because I can't human
Silver Eevee
February 15th, 2019
this is valid
coco please explain