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Silver Eevee
Eyo I’m an eggo

Sup I'm zorri and I make comics but I'm extremely unmotivated

Some of my buddy pal chum friendos on here are eeveeeon, shadowstalker1128, midnight-fox18, hade, and RioBlitzle so you should definitely spam them with memes
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Uh oh she's busted now
@Aura flame: this is so accurate
It's your buddy pre-recorded message here! I'm tryin to get this back on schedule hh
@EeveeEon: wouldnt it be a shame if one of them were to d-
@Guest: hopefully tomorrow or next week!
oh my god what the fuck did big bird do
@pixlyJolt: wwhat
im hunting it in Pearl at full odds
I've drawn so much today that I don't want to spam da with it all so I'm putting some here.

I had a pmv idea w the song papercut featuring Gray Wing and his hardships,,, but sadly, as I always do, drop it because I really just dont have the time for it

This part of it was Gray Wing waking up from his dream of Turtle Tail, and reaching for comfort in Slate. I'm been focusing a lot on dotc lately but I cant help it,,, it's my favorite arc

also I did a meme about clear sky ;)
'uncle george wouldnt let me go if it wasnt safe'

are you sure about that
have i ever mentioned I love ember
My gameplay went up by 30 hours this past month

I’m at about 4000 RAs. I’m finna die
@Guest: uh yeah lmao not that dusk. I haven’t even read ssec sob-
dont u love getting harassed by a bird of death
@Sky207: oh my god now these images wont leave my brain

patrons got this page 4 days early ;)

yah thats p much it good night yall
Except the blackglasses never will leave, will they ;)
tess be amger
@Midnight-fox18: im placing 5 bets on sky as well
favorite part? :3c

'what if I marry a cute girl or something?'