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Silver Eevee
Hey I’m micah and I draw things sometimes

Not as active on here anymore. Check out my Deviantart, (linked below), where I’m always active!
He/She/They k thanks
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ily, okay?? Good luck on your math test bby you’ll do great!! <33

Also, that song is a MOOD
<img src=" 0c3b7e-52d7-46f4-8b01-db96f690c782/dctxx5z-18d991ae-0392-4d1b-b732-8dd1dfc9d956.png& quot;/>
hi I'm finally awake

Here's a page ;)
The second panel was the death of me, I swear. I looked all around for reference for about 30 minutes, then just gave up and drew them the best I could :')
Blizzard is one angry.. boy? girl? why not both ;)

Penis the Sylveon (DONT. ASK.) (mine and @Juice-Chan 's)
Nate the Plusle (mine)

wanna be cameoed? :0 109
@pixlyJolt: mayhaps

we're. irl friends
Why did you leave?
@TheOnlyStraightGuy: oh my god

But still, think about the stress and trauma the grape’s family had to go through
Weed’s name is Luckykit and weed’s pronouns are weed and weedette
The gray cat’s name is Smokeweed and he’s weedsexual so if Luckykit identifies as weed then he take
Oh my god it’s starting
Silver Eevee
December 4th, 2018
I can’t evek think of reasonable context for this
@TheOnlyStraightGuy: yes but please think about how the grape must have felt
@Oblivion Umbreon: rippp I’ll change it :”0
@Aura9301: 123456789
Huh for some reason I’m still okay w mine but I’d rather it match my name on other websites shrug
oh wow an actual page

reminder that cameos are open! 109
this is my favorite page in this entire comic
look at those kiddos