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Yeah. One layer B) Yet again drawn with um...
Inspire Pro, I think
A fren on Medibang drew this.
And sir.
This is beautiful.
I had to post it.
I already knew it was carnelian cus of DA (dabs offensively)
@Sky207: It's the most beautiful idea I've ever had.
When I was looking up a ref, I saw that you wanted to commission me I'm SO SORRY I can't access DA. Here's this as a replacement :3
if u don't know this reference then where have you been the past 8 months
I'm sorry
Sorry about the lineart, I realized when I got home that my laptop was already dead, so I drew this on the i-pad

See you all in 10 days!
My laptop charger broke. ^^;
I'm on battery saver mode with like %20 battery. I prolly have enough time to scrape out a page at low brightness. Problem is, I want to upload A SaS page, too. I have a smol request. Sky, I can give you the lineart, and I was wondering if you could color it and update????
I won't have enough battery to do an entire MI page if I do SAS lineart, too. Are you dudes okay with a lineart update tomorrow? I really don't want to have to get someone else to color it. So ^^;
The new charger will arrive on Sunday, so I will update 3 pages after Spring Break (next week) :>
I don't have anything else to post due to a broken charger, I'll explain on Mirrored Image later.
(cough Vivian Cupcake cough)
@BlueEevee362: Do you mean Scourge or Scrouge
@jungoth: Aww

(yes give me money)
@Rin: (insert Illuminati music here)