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Silver Eevee
Eyo I’m an eggo
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I,,,, drew the boye
WOw actual content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I doodled this in a moving car so sorry the lines are kind of wobbly oof
This is (arguably) the most iconic line that has come out of this little floof, so I just redrew it but changed a few things to reflect my style ;)
So yeah

Let’s fuckin go
@Tracey: thank you so much! It means a lot <3

It's come to my attention that we've made it to 350 fans and (almost) the third anniversary of this comic! Also the first anniversary for the reboot! As promised at 350, I've made a Patreon! It's just a little thing where you help me out with life expenses and all that jazz! For those of you that are unfamiliar with the SJ system, I earn no money from this comic right now, so hopefully something like this will increase my motivation to work on the comic!


normal update will be on Saturday! Another big thank you to you all! <3

like I said previously, updates might be slow for now. Drawing has been tough on me lately, and it's taking me longer and longer just to do something that three months ago would have been easy. oops art struggles

By the time this releases to the public I will be on Spring break!! (its Thursday at the time I'm writing this lmao) HOPEFULLY my grandma won't overload me with things to do during the break so I can still draw a little bit hfjjdkfsghs

also who remembers my current icon from 2016
I'm raising 'eyo im an eggo' from the dead
I hope u rid ur depression
I have so many questions
omg good kids
@Midnight-fox18: im glad u like the comic :)
Like I said before, I'm hoping to do double updates for you guys :) Once on saturday, and another time randomly throughout the week. Here is the long-anticipated swamp man.

happy april fools biches
@hade: at the time you left this comment coco and I were trying to pry pieces of bread apart
pandora is my friends when I sit down at lunch
aaaaaannd we're back (kinda) sorry I missed this scene but it was too important to not quickly brush back on. Mmmmm updates might be slow !! idk I'm not feeling the best and want to pace myself with this uwu yep have a nice saturday
i noted this to ghost
@Guest: ;)