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Silver Eevee
Sup I'm zorri and I make comics but I'm extremely unmotivated

Some of my buddy pal chum friendos on here are eeveeeon, shadowstalker1128, midnight-fox18, hade, and RioBlitzle so you should definitely spam them with memes
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Okay actually this looks fantastic ily
@Angiela: RIN HI I'm gonna keep this shortttt
I'm so PROUD OF YOU keep being cool okay I loev u
Sup so I'm changing the schedule to whenever I can. I will upload the day after I finish the page so patrons will get it a day early
im back, babeys! One of my patrons made a terrible video of the last frame in this that I dont have the link to but still

next week im gonna b going to a digital media camp at one of the best universities in the country so!!!!! yep!! thats pretty neat!
@Hardychuckle: KJJKH OOPS I didnt realize that cehkwjwj ty for pointing that out!
@Juice-Chan: what did I ?? steal????????
@EeveeEon: :)
@9rainbowtails: when hade set a fire and she burned the house down-
hello! friendly little reminder that Ashley's (shinx) dialogue contains heavy swearing. This wont be as prevalent in the rest of the comic.
sorry about all of the inconsistency in these first couple pages. I'm trying to figure out what shading/lineart/text will be most fitting for this story.
I've decided to update bi-monthly because:
-these pages take twice as long as mirrored image pages do
-mirrored image is my main priority

I do plan to Finish these pages on a weekly basis, so check out my Patreon if you want early pages! (date is june 24th at the time of this page being finished!)
@Guest: she's biologically female, so it just makes it easier ^^
dont worry, susan. fire fang (lara) is just leaking out of your foot.
@EeveeEon: SHE DOES!! I just made a whole ass ref for pyroar ember i LOVE HER!
this was supposed to post tomorrow but sj just decided yall needed gay pokemon today
@transfusion: she uses both pronouns!
i love them so much!! theyre so valid omg

can somebody please help that malnourished transgender espeon
say it with me everyone!
I was nervous to post this because i didnt want people thinking i copied shad :'3 BUT I NEEDED TO EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!! no page today because this took twice as long as a page to make so just bask in their glory!
each and every one of them is 100% valid and
in this comic I wanted to recognize as many sexualities and gender identities as possible while still keeping it realistic to how I imagine them!
left to right:
Skylar -- pansexual (fun fact! since shes a mythical pokemon she doesnt have,,, anything,, down there. but she still identifies as female!
Ember -- trans female asexual biromantic
Simon -- heterosexual ally
Firestorm -- bigender (male and female for him) asexual heteroromantic
Dawn -- asexual heteroromantic
Apple -- pansexual
Flare -- demibisexual
Blizzard -- demiboy homosexual
Dusk -- heterosexual ally

my babies.. my babies!

also heres what ember would look like if she was a pyroar:

transparent ver:
remember: you are valid
happy pride month!