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@JuneSummers: I see, I see! Alrighty then!

Ah, is that right! I have learnt something new today!

(no prob! go right ahead.)
High school!? Ooh this is interesting!
@JuneSummers: oh gosh is SmackJeeves an outdated site. Like EMAIL notifications?? Anyway, I found the picture!
@mattelatte: And right after I posted the previous comment, the rest of the page loaded. Weird.
@Egwyn: For me, at first, I DID see the entire page loaded. But when I came back to this page later, I see just a strip too.
Yay! Looking forward to seeing what Pas and Dev are gonna do!
Also you left out an 'e' in inhumane.
Goodness, Pas, what's wrong?
This cover is really nice. Did Lian draw that red line over his forehead to emphasize a face contour or something though?
I don't like how Pas looks when he asks for Lian's number, haha. He doesn't look as appealing as he usually does. But I'll live.
WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PAGES??? (whisper) they're perfect

Unless they've already been updated.

ANYWAYS, i LOVE lian's dot faces. Dot faces are my life.
I love how you draw hands. And I love Lian being a chubby bubby. Like artists, come on! You KNOW it's hard to have a slim sleek body in real life. You KNOW everyone is born with a different body type. DRAW what you SEE in your comics, for god's sake!!
I didn't know being drunk was a place. X'D I mean, I know what she's trying to say, but yeah.
Haha Pas is youthful in appearance. The collar helps tell him apart from a regular schoolkid, so I wouldn't be too worried. (But yeah schoolkids CAN wear collar shirts too)
I interpreted Pas' message wrongly. I read everything as one entire answer. So I thought he was going to make a witty quip about his day job being joking with Lian. Haha.

Also, the form of Lian's eyebrows change, huh? That's interesting.
Cool you drew a bird! It's gorgeous!! It looks like a Japanese crane, but like you said, it's a magpie, so it's a magpie. Here's a video of a magpie singing. It sounds like R2D2.