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Don't worry. I'll explain how he got back in tomorrow's comic!
Sorry for the extremely long hiatus. I was busy and I didn't feel like making sprite comics, but I'm back so let's do this!
Yes, an update!
I don't wanna!
Indeed. Go to to make your own room.
24. The Following Takes Place Between 8:00am and 9:00am
The title is a play on the fact that this is strip 24 and this title is used in the tv show 24.
14. Cmon
Yep. Still in the holes
13. Disgusting!
As you can tell, I've been pretty lazy this week.
12. Light's Twisted Mind
OMFG! The return of the dancing Light!!
11. Heavy
Maximum Humour. Minimum effort!
Fine. I'll keep he filler until I really need to post it.
10. What Plan?
Also Light has short-term memory loss. Or he's just an idiot! :P
A filler will be posted tomorrow!
9. Just You
Woo! 6 frames! I couldn't fit all this into 4 so I stertched it out.
I do make the comics ahead of time. Right now I have a buffer of about 3 complete comics.
8. Sadistic
I felt like suddenly turning Protoman into a killer. It might move the plot into the main storyline of the series.
7. Awesome New Blaster
Sorry for the late update. This is the only time today that I had any internet access.
6. Slavery
I made anoher filler that I will post this Saturday.
Filler 1. Dancing Light
There's nothing I can really say about this! If I make a filler during the week it will be posted on Saturdays.
5. Works Every Time
Yes! First animated comic! I want to make more of these and because I felt like it, I made a filler comic that I will post tomorrow!
4. C'mere Son!
Oh boy, Light's mood swings are going to make him wind up in crazy situations!