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Gamer. Love Pokemon mystery dungeon. That's about it.
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@ShadowStalker1128: You are a page late for the joke shad

I am dissapointed
<s>time to collect the 6 infinity stones</s>

Wonder whats up with that.
You shouldnt have issues opening it up to everyone as long as your rules are good, and that you possibly pick up some moderators for the server that are good suited to the task (I hold the belief that you get mods for moderating well, not just being friends, because ive seen it lead to the downfall of servers), if or when the server gets big enough then maybe if you want a cap on how many members can join, then it could be a good idea, but all depends on what would be healthy for the community. The only thing I can think of that could be an issue is if there are sour apples within the community that likely wouldnt be welcome there, but thats something for another time, possibly when the server is somewhat established.

rip the Zigazoon, that boye is super dead.
September 28th, 2019
Nah, just ignore the crack crack of something horrible, let’s focus on fwoosh instead xD
Dnd artwork is always nice to see. Would like to see some dnd things.
That’s going to drive him batty.
The biggest mood, I always feel like this
Don’t ya think it might be nicer to not sound condescending? I mean, everyone makes grammar mistakes, but it doesnt mean you should be saying “I’ll spellcheck this time!” Like it’s a game.
Im just wondering whats going through Rune’s head through all of this, thats quite an info dump for someone who has amnesia.
I love the casual joking when there’s A DEAD BODY on the ground. Clearly everything is balanced, as it should be.
I’m Mexican, so....
@Sky207: @pixlblox9099:
no one should be almost killing themselves at your age, Jesus yall arent even in highschool yet. I think you guys are just blowing emotions way out of proportion. yall are too young for it, stop making everything feel way worse than it actually is, cause this is nothing, really.
@Pix: ok, better question. Prove that theres a teacup in the sky that flies around the earth every day. What you just did is called "shifting the burden of proof", because we cannot prove you wrong, but you cannot provide evidence either, you're trying to say that "it must be true because it cannot be proven false"
@pixlblox9099: why should it matter? just read what I said
@pixlblox9099: @Silver Eevee:
How to beg for attention and act super immature-
1. bring up something super irrelevant where its inappropriate to do so.
2. Claiming a label or issue just to either be cool or to say you are a victim.
3. saying your age like it has any importance to what you are doing.
4. saying the world is terrible, and that other people are just making it worse because you are upset with them calling you out.
5. Evading a ban for a really stupid reason, such as this.
6. saying "oh it shouldve been private and you should delete it"
If you're going to do something stupid, think before you act. If you wanted it to be private, theres a thing called "private messages", I think you should take a look at what those are. Also, wow, you got picked on over your height, yeah, thats something to use as a shield. Im vertically challenged and even I think thats a horrible defense to use, not even considering that you are using it to deflect what Zorri is saying.
Droop snoot
I'm wondering if you a-lu-ded to what happened here.
Feels like Bokyurah is still mourning over the loss of their team.
Nice to see you updating again ^^