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Gamer. Love Pokemon mystery dungeon. That's about it.
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Droop snoot
I'm wondering if you a-lu-ded to what happened here.
I dont even know what this book is about lol
Feels like Bokyurah is still mourning over the loss of their team.
Nice to see you updating again ^^
How I feel when I wake up every morning, except school is the nightmare, and it didn't end when I woke up XD
@Midnight-fox18: It looks like Volt doesn't have the triangle yet, so we can't assume much until later.
You should always do whats best for ya, mental health is more important than the comic you're making. I think that a patreon wouldn't be bad, I think that people donate to support ya more than getting special benefits, cause supporting others is always nice.

The page is nice, I wonder what that note on that plant is about.
...I dot't get the joke

Nick, dunt let the vauge monkey speak get to you, Itll drive you bananas.
Oh no, Siren's feelings must be hurt! why would someone do this to them? their eyes are beautiful.
Can you offer a little context with what happened?
Off to a great start lol
super late, but I think everyone called this, even chattot called this
I have a slight suspicion that Malachi is completely aware hes in a comic lol.

I have so many questions
January 13th, 2018
@ShadowStalker1128: I very much agree with this statement
January 6th, 2018
so there ARE more seals! that makes me happy
Amber really likes money doesnt she? lol
Naya looks mystifying, I wonder why.