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Well I had a web comic but came to the relization that I just...well it was a good idea but I couldn't bring myself to sit down and draw it so apprenlty it wasn't that great of an idea. I still doodle the little vampire characters from time to time but all in all they didn't pan out for a comic. Anyways.

I will be starting another comic soon and it will actually be sorta interesting, maybe not...

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Have I ever told you how much I love reading your are such a goon.

I apologize for my long absence from your comics.
As Much as I love the musical rendition of Little Shop of Horrors I love the black and white Vincent Price once better. Mostly becasue the Flowers are so freaking creepy.
I want a frobby thong, or boy black with a matching tank top...seriously. Or a nice t shirt...thats good too.
March 16th, 2009
I know this is going to sound strange. But I enjoy how you change the clothing of all your characters instead of making them wear the same thing all the time, and also how you make shirts and such repeate they actually have a closet full of clothing...I don't know why but Tweetys fab hair made me think of that...

I Am in love with the purple.
Touched in the head.
If I thought that Brian was a little nutty....I was completely wrong. This is funny, insane, and makes me wanna go out an destory every Elmo doll ever made. No joke. So far I love it.

Especially the fact Elmo is sorta gangsta...why? Becasue I say so thats why.

Disreguard this comment as drivel.
Poor little Farm creatures....They look so sad.

Great work Lately DJ! I havn't been as dilegent at looking at your work as I should have been latley...but...IT'S AWESOME!
Chenata approves of the Frobert.
September 8th, 2008
Yay! I will remember that DJ...becasue Math and me are like this...* demonstrates*

* Big huge moster with numbers for teeth*- RAWR! WHAT IS THE SQUARE ROOT OF 894632490054767589304 WITHOUT USING A CALCULATOR RAWR!
* poor little Chenny in courner sniffling* -....45?
* Monster*- WRONG YOU FAIL AT LIFE! RAWR!!!! * proceeds to eat Chenny* good what so ever.
I see something in this comic...there is a TEZZLE!!! Or at least you drew a cat that looked like a Tezzle...needless to say this was funny, Keep it up you guys.
Stupid freaking people.

You go Hex!
You are the crazy.

It looks wonderful my dear.

Good work. ^_^
* chuckles* Pooor Hex, its not his fault his name is so complicated.
Silly Hex....getting beat by a little robutt...

Edit-#196 when I looked at Buzz...thats better right?
Hehe, geeky and about the creatures...yay!

And I am glad you signed up for the Buzz and Top_comics things. I do hope they get you more readers.
OOoo, neat...can I jump in the pool with him?
I completely agree with TheDarkJay....You should make an alternate page for this...* grins*

Kidding...Lovely lovely my dear.
I don't know if you already are...but you should sign up with Top_Web comics and Buzz... That might help your exposure a little bit.
The only other webcomic place....I can think of Keenspot....

And Me, personally...I just like watching Hex get all...sicentificy ( yes...not a word...I know) because geek awesome.
I have actually had something like that said to me...not romantic, but rather humorus.

She should have come back with something like..." aww...and your alike a pimple that dosn't spurt all over the mirror when I pop it." Then hugs.
* Shivers* OH man...a agree...that would be and upsetting thing to find out....
Yeah, I would have a hard time sleeping too if I had to think about all that stuff...