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Kirby, Cake, Drawing, pokemon. I like all those things.
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Send Message Isn't life without sugar a really short life?
Oh, hi Hologram Keito.
Oh hey, my question got answered.
I just asked because it seemed like a random pick, I would maybe pick a colour linked to insanity
Why is the Doo green of all colours?
So is no one gonna point out the fact that Marx is laser mouthing Silent Dee?
@Warpstar: I agree with you because I forgot their names!
Aww yeah! Party hats are the best!
Oh hey, the bomberman's name is Shiro.
I know nothing about Bomberman so that might've been insignificant.
Oh god please tell me Keeby's face isn't gonna be stuck like that forever, that's terrifying.
Why is Kirby laying down in the last panel?
@Warpstar: Wouldn't that cause some sort of paradox, or at least still leave Keeby wanting a vacation?
Does one of those things happen to be playing the new Pokemon games?
Oh hey, the world's back to normal.
don't give gods sugar.
*readies the funeral*
Kimmal, he decided to show up right when he was mentioned.
I like how Keeby doesn't even verbally acknowledge Ikrby
@the kitty cat king: You can't call dibs on friendship, it doesn't work like that.