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Heyo, my name is Jono1son and well I'm a Brit who enjoys playing games on either consoles or on a PC, and likes having a read sometimes!
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This, though albeit is unsurprising, is surprising and saddening to find. Nevertheless thank you for putting your time and effort into this comic @MatchaGhost / @PhantomCat . I've enjoyed reading every page and seeing how the story played out with your amazing and stylish art. When it comes to starting your next/new comic, I'll give it a whirl to see if I like it or not - I very much was one of your readers who read this 'cause it was Pokémon, haha. I'm not one to usually comment on stuff but I had to here to show how much I enjoyed reading this. Just thank you again for making this.

Also don't say ya have a shrivelled up heart, ya have one big sweet heart!