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A furry that loves Survivor, seagulls, and storytelling. Not too much else to say!
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Wonder if we'll get to see ya boy Guzma make an appearance at some point. Aside from the location, though, i like the separation of the tribes for this season! Four tribes of five and each of them actually having a theme, unlike SFC5, and all of them being comprised of newbie players, unlike SFC10. Can't wait to see how you handle the dynamics this time around, even if the four tribes don't stay four tribes for too long.


-whines a little and lays down in the corner-

-looks back to the cast assessment comments where you thought it was going to be bad, I kept telling you to give it a chance, and you insisted it would end up like SFC10-

-looks here to see this season at the higher end of the season rankings-

Comparison of pre-game predictions to the reality!
Predictions from Cast Assessments
Bonnie - Early Merge [Lol didn't even make it that far thankfully]
Sarah - Late Pre-Merge [Technically correct, I guess?]
Bowser - Early Boot [Sad that I called this one, but I called it all the same.]
Bowser Jr. - Goes Deep (?) [Man, I was uncertain if I had to put a question mark there. Still got it right tho.]
Bradley - Mid Pre-Merge (rip if I'm right) [HA! THANKFULLY I WAS VERY WRONG!]
Doris - End Gamer [Spot-on.]
Brandi - REALLY Early Boot [Nope, she was the one to surprise me most from her character growth arc. Really appreciated her impact on this season, and while at the time I felt like her elimination wasn't a satisfactory end to her story, looking back on it, it seems like a proper finish for her. Sometimes the pre-merge is all you need for redemption.]
Lake - Mid-Merge [Just barely missed out on merge, but he had a good character arc all the same. Very controversial character, but I like him all the same.]
Damon - Goes Deep (FTC Goat?) [Lol as if Damon would ever be the goat at FTC. Still, he did go deep like I thought he would.]
Angelo - Goes Deep [Not as deep as I thought.]
Eli - Late Pre-Merge [And bingo was his name-o]
Cassidy - Pre-Merge (?) [Lol question mark strikes again. Got it right tho.]
Iyzebel - Goes Deep (I hope) [I take back me hoping she went far. Her going out when she did was a fine time for her to leave and especially the way she did.]
Scott - Early Merge [Nope, was pretty off on that one.]
Thorne - No clue of placement, but will impact the storyline of the season in a big way [Heck yea she was. Her relationship with Sierra was arguably the most complex one in the season.]
Sierra - Merge [Technically correct, but I didn't think she'd go as deep as she did.]
Tialayla - Goes Deep [Yep!]
Riley - Pre-Merge [Lol thankfully I was wrong here.]
Vinnie - Goes Deep (I hope. I pray. I wish upon a shooting star. I beg on my knees.) [And my prayers were answered.]
Rosella - Merge (If she gains independence, if not then late pre-merge) [Man I gave her more credit than I should've during the pre-game.]

Overall, very lovely season you pieced together here. I think you did manage to make a good returnee season due to having newbies involved as well, ones w/ past relationships too, to bring in more room for development from characters. I think it was a top-tier season even if the winner's arc was more obvious, just cuz it was still a satisfactory end, many characters got developed even further, the amount of rootable players throughout the whole thing was on point, and everything just seemed to be paced very well. Got obvious towards the end, but regardless, I still think this was a very high-end season. Thanks for the story, SWSU.
You know, I kinda wish I had a shell to go Ninja-Koopa with myself. Would be pretty fun and potentially useful in some situations.
Damon: Dog Trainer and Therapist. I'd hire him.
Show me to the nearest jewelry store where I can pick me up one of those cool necklaces!
@ChronoAlone: Character Development! The helpful, but ironically hindering force (in this context)!
@SWSU-Master: Well, Eli's got an excuse now with his cousin being gone. Granted, so does Iyzebel, Vinnie, and...uh, well clearly not Bonnie, lol
@SWSU-Master: I get that. I don't hold it against them as much as I hold it against Bonnie. Just seems like an off thing to bring up if it's in a false manner in general.
@Tailslover13: I feel like if Bonnie gets Iyzebel to quit, it would be similar to all the emotional trauma she caused to others back in SFC9. So, I don't think that's redeemable to her at all.
You know, this is what sucks about being 50/50, Brandi. You can never truly predict or sense when your intuition is helping or hindering you.

Meanwhile, dead relatives being mentioned again in a false manner...woot...
Might as well leave my mark on this one.
I say again, #SaveRiley2k17
Will Stagg utilize the P-Switch to find himself another hidden immunity idol? Will Damon have excess energy to spare after that fight?? Will Tialayla be evacuated in the next episode, leaving a sad Riley left to fend for himself??? Find out next time on...SFZ: Kinopio Edition!
I never knew I wanted this duo to be a thing until it became a thing.
@Niftyness: Updated reaction now that I've let that sink in; great use of the BvW twist, honestly. It is such a strategic (dare I say, GAMECHANGING) move that almost no one would really think about or even consider. I'm just curious how long Bonnie will be able to keep up the charade this time around.