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edward raise
I'm a person that likes to create stories and draw...stuff.XD I'm an anime fan and had dreamed to show my stories to the public.

Feel free to chat with me! I'm here not just to post comic but also meet new people. :)
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Another hiatus ...(improve bg)
Gonna take another hiatus to improve my background drawing skills,
D: I think i already have a bad rep for doing this all the time but i cant seems to continue the manga while improving that much so yeah....

Thanks for giving my comic a chance either in the past or near present:D

I'm gonna keep improving my drawing skills(and composition skills XD)until my skills are worthy of viewing:)

PS: No, im far from giving up but looking back my recent pages,
my skills needs more attention(to improve) than the comic so Im gonna be in training mode for a while.

Again, Thank YOU for viewing my comic, Gonna continue it after my skills are capable of continuing:)
Like my improved art? It's gonna get even better over time :)
Tried focusing much more on lineart and less on shading for less time production and more pleasing lineart,
More will come so stay tuned :D
I'm (Finally) back!
I finally found a cheaper Wacom Tablet -_-"

I will be redrawing the lineart for Pg 10 (Ch2) this week with my improved skills,
Here's my progress:
(It's only the 1st grid, but the lineart should be done by Thursday)

This time I will try putting much more attention on the lineart,and pretty toned down of detail of shading,
just like Mangas from Japan
(with a few exception of course)

I'll be continuing my manga full speed now, So Stay Tuned! :D
Sob T_T
Sob T_T, Can't buy a tablet,....T_T

Can't believe Wacom cost over RM400, totally not worth the price...

I'll try ordering cheaper wacom tablet variants online(while convincing my father's about his objection of online shopping)...

I know i've been letting you guys down lately, but i'll be back and soon as i somehow got a hands of a good tablet..
(hopefully i won't lose too much viewers T_T, but at least i now got a lot of time to improve my drawing, on paperXD)

I'll be continuing posting new pages as usual asap, with ma new upgrade on drawing(after..."sigh"T_T this week)

So yeah,not gonna say stay tuned this time cuz without tablet im just an artist with no good scanner XDXDXD

Wish me luck!
Genius tablet sucks! D:
So....yeah, my tablet suddenly not functioning anymore (the 2nd one!)

I know cheap stuff has a reason of being cheap, but Genius Tablet(I have i405X)have loads of issues,I didn't expected it to be this bad DX

Anyway,The next page is about 70% done, for those who dont mind a tiny spoiler,
i posted a link of the page in deviantart(no expression and shading though)here:

I'll have to wait until weekend to buy a new tablet so I'll complete this page ASAP when i do, and ...yeah i'm very sorry. T_T
New cover next page :D
The final page of the prologue,
Chapter 1 will be starting next page:D
A lil improvement
Changed the way i draw hair and my way of drawings in general, thick outline are mostly replaced with lighter ones, just to not cover the detailsXD

Hope you'll like it :)
Thx :D
Hey everyone! I am pleased that you guys like the comic, Thanks for favorite Stage of battle :)

I will try to improve and providing more pages more often,
(though half of my days spent working)

The story will advance to the present(21 years later, see pg 1) time soon so the real story will begin after the prologue.

Hope that you all are excited for it!
Good Day everyone!
updating in progress
Please wait it to be updated, i'm planning to overhaul some of the pages :)
I know that the pages are inconsistent after this page,
Trying to improve and change the pages into less boring ones as time goes. :)
Sorry for changing the shading style so often, still trying to improve :D
Just learned a new shading method,
I guess simple does it :p