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I've been drawing since i was 4, & I've been an anime/manga fan just as long.
i love everything from fantasy to sci-fi to horror. I'm a fan of old fairytales, folk tales and ledgends. I read a lot, watch movies. and sew when i get the chance. I'm also an artist like many of the people here.
I'm influenced by shoujo and shounen
Whatever comic i do will probably be... entetaining.
My Fur Affinity
Maybe I should add my Y gallery account too. =o_0=
This is one of your more adorable pages. =^_^=
Heh. nice.
Join the fun!
Give me a good description of the types of people you've worked with and I'll add them In the Office and retail editions. I've never worked for either of those. =^_^=;
This was the most adorable page you have ever drawn.
thank you!!
Are you going to eventually have a rotational banner? I liked your previous banner too.
Yelling in a pillow works too
Only positive comments folks
I'll get mad at anything else. I couldn't figure out how to do half tone in Photo shop. =(
Aww, you draw cute women! I love her face in the last panel! Just look at some shoujo manga and fashionista blogs to smooth out the details and you'll be A OK!
I love this page. Really. my 1st reaction was "Nooo, you can't eat him! Dake nad Tommy have to make with the sweet personality altering nookie! =("
I have a coworker who liked it but said it needed some work. Excellent character designs he said too.
Oh god, tell me that didn't actually happen to you. =>_<=;
OK that was hilarious.
This is AWESOME!!! Wait did the 2012 movie come out or something?!
wow I actually have comics posted on scheduel. Wish i knew when the best time of day to post comics.
I love the starbrush in Photoshop!
Yeah, wait'll I do one about cell and texting while driving.
If anyone got the koolaid joke remember I owe you pocky.
I'm in a mood
No seriously, ask the right way and no adult images or useless info shows up.
The teacher in [i]the Great Yokai war[/i] was awesome. I wish American teachers could hit students like that.
September 24th, 2009
i actually like the new shading more. I didn't think i would, but it work so much better with the Silent Hill atmosphere. It's perfect! =O_O=
Nice! There's really going to be a Capt. America movie? Again?
Oh my god.
I think panel 3 is the best panel i've drawn in a comic in a LOOOOOONG time. I finally added PsyGoth and Chibi Jay into the comic! Yaaaay!
... That means nothing to you. It's OK. They were in my original MPEAD, and PsyGoth was a character from a story before that. He was much younger... RAMBLING!
I didn't get to scan in the other 7+ comics. Wel'p there's always tomorrow! =^_^=