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ay ill bet anyone at least 3pence that atty drew that picture when he was a child
@SoulRaider116: im pretty sure all his stats are like, 5
If by life experience you mean one week then sure
im secretly hoping that Atty violently murders Thad and becomes the next Walter White
fellas, is it gay to make a dead meme? i mean, you're not funny. IDK :/
@Guest: you're right, that was my bad. i should have caught that since i am also a sarcastic british person lol
hate to be that guy but i think the first panel should say 'so thats what this is all about'
we havent seen DT in a year, i miss the angry dragon baby
It is the masked guy (I think his name is gabe?)
Wait, is he keeping the eevee
@DrewbyDoo: wouldn't we all?
Yeah...that was the joke
Holy fuck it has
H0ly is a girl...
March 31st, 2017
That happens to me at least once a week
March 25th, 2017
Return of sexy hair! Wooo!
Fuckin rekt
Why can't des just have nice things???
Also, I absolutely love this comic, your art is beautiful, and I love your take on all the Pokemon designs! Definitely going to fave this
Hey, this looks good, like,really frikin good. I'll be looking out for updates <3
This looks cool, I love your art :D