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Hey all sorry about the lack of updates, but i got a fiancee, a house to run and a baby on the way, there's been a few bumps in the road getting here but i'm going to switch from sprites to hand drawn. I'll make a few updates for a month or two and if nobody is reading or voting i'll probably shut it down, so heres hoping i get some new fans!
Just a lil update may not be a regular thing right nw n visit to see the start of what i'm working on
Damn Lippy Fire, getting lippy with me
Addiction can be a bad thing, i've managed to break my addiction to dofus so i should beable to get to work on the comic, my abridged series, flash and drawning.....but after i finish watching drawn together
maybe i've been staying in hotels nearly all month due to work, but i did get to go see Scott and Tray on the weekend so thats a bonus
Posting from a hotel
Hey guys i bring you this update from a hotel in reading sorry it took so long
maybe, maybe not
i got a couple of update in mind, ready to be made on my day off on friday
Ok i know i promised to update frequently, but at the moment the updates are gonna be a little staggered for the next week or so untill work settles down a little but the comic will be updated
i wonder how many of my fans are male and how many are female?
Sorry i havent had access to my laptop so i couldnt make any comics for auto update
yeah ffiv just came out on the 22nd, as for ffta2 i could never get into it, but i wanna get a psp so i can get crisis core
me either, i've almost finished watching zombie loan on it's a good show shame it's only 11 episodes long
Gah felt a little bored today gotta go back to work on thursday so i'm gonna sort some comics to auto update
actually no i didn know you could cook ^_^;
i've had this joke saved up for a while now
yeah at first i had trouble with Draco Cantus i lost 3 times on my first go, then after i had a good night sleep i beat him in 1:30:54 [1 and a half minutes] now trying to get the secret reports got shiki day 1 and 2 so far
Oh and i was addicted to a new ds game The World Ends With You, absolutly fantastic game from Square-Enix
Sorry i know the few fans i have are pissed at me for the lack of updates but i promise to update a bit more from now on.

the reason i havent updated is ....blah blah long speech about work and life blah blah....

but i intend to update at least once a week from now on
gah! nothing could ruin the FF line and FFCC is no exception it's a nice change to the tujrn based battling