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June 5th, 2017
Probability Control, called it. Favorite power. A building could fall on top of you, but you'd be lucky enough to not be harmed by it.

Bink in the Xanth novels had it. He could never be put in mortal danger, as magic would rewrite probability on a scale to make sure he would always be safe.
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What the...
How'd I wind up in the hospital.
June 3rd, 2017
Luck Aura
I bet she has some sort of luck aura around her. Probability Manipulation is the best!
This feels just like a character out of a Pokemon Tabletop United game.

When you are a 'normal trainer', and suddenly realize there are 'abnormal trainers' out there who can shoot lightning, fly, breathe fire, control shadows, use magic, call upon the aid of legendary pokemon, or even turn into a magical girl.

...then you learn how to become one and your whole world changes.

Imagine Atty with fire powers. *lights cigarette*
Um, aren't you supposed to be OUTSIDE the pentagram.
Chu (チュッ)
You know the Japansese sound effect Chu (チュッ) means Kiss? PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA kiss.
I have a recognizable Digimon Cosplay you could do that would allow you to keep your Forester Mustache. Wizardmon!

I am surprised none of the digimon tamers from Season 1 or 2 grew a mustache in their 'grown up' scenes. I thought Joe Kido could rock one...well not really rock it but still have it and mistakenly think it looked good on him....poor Joe.
What does the Gar say!?‽
Bridget pulls a Sakura Haruno
I got my results back from the doctor yesterday, and my blood sugar levels were fine.

Now I need to get retested. Awwwww.
June 27th, 2016
Pandora just reminds me of Call/Roll right now for some reason.
I wish I had the time/money to go to CONs not in Ohio.

I would of cosplayed as Glitch. Thank you again for getting me interested in going to conventions again and cosplaying.

My current list of cosplay ideas:
Costumes that use a Black Suit as a Base
~Glitch from Conventional Wisdom
~No Face (needs mask and HIDDEN Gaping Maw with Flat Teeth inside)
~OOTS Thing in the Shadows (needs umbrella)
~Black Shy Guy (needs belt and mask)
~Heartless (different forms need armor)
~Vivi (Need robes and hand)
~Shantae Scarecrow
~Bomb Omb (Need sphere frame and wick through hole at top)
~Chain Chomp (Need sphere Frame, Sharp Teeth Mouth, and Eyes with Irises)
~Aku (Samurai Jack. Need Head and Shoulder Spikes. Aku Mask (with adjustable mouth features using green foam around wire cleaners)
~Samurai Jack Demongo (Need Dracula Cloak, Blue LED Flame Hair+Eyes+Mouth)

See any pattern? ^_^
Also, when I cosplay I'd bring my rolling laptop case, a Un-interruptable Power Supply, a Fan, and a LED Projector. Both the Power Supply and Projector will mean I can instantly stream anime onto any wall)
Think Modular my friend, Modular.

If something is over 3 feet in length, cut it there then devise someway to reattach it (like with luggage clasps, or screw in parts)
Just so you know, you have enticed me to start cosplaying again.

...Using costumes that have a black fabric cloak. Like NoFace, Thing in the Shadows, Shy Guy, Heartless, Shantae Scarecrows, Shantae Tinkerbats, Black Mage

When I plan to cosplay No Face, it will have a gaping maw that I can open if I want.
Okay, now my ShyGuy/NoFace/Thing In the Shadows Cosplay will have to be Slenderman Underneath of it.
Is that Aisha Clan Clan whispering to Cammy?
You should of thrown it to the ground
My Next Cosplay
Okay, you have given me 3 Cosplay Ideals that I can quick change between:
No Face
OOTS Thing in the Shadows
Black Shy Guy.

Shy Guy: Shy Guy Mask.
Shy Guy: White Shoes
Shy Guy: Belt
No Face: No Face Mask
No Face: Gaping Maw (So I can CHOMP on things)
No Face: Chocolate Gold Pieces
OOTS: Hole in top of costume.
OOTS: Fanged Hello Kitty Umbrella with hooks to attach costume to in order to form a shroud of darkness.
OOTS: Demon Roaches
May 31st, 2016
@Faewild: Thus she begins the new role. Defender.

I mean, they have Aggressor and Supporter...but no one could last long enough to be considered a Tank.