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vampires and yaio
@Garbonzo: Thank you!
What happened?
what happened what page number? I needz to re read this!
aaww I love this page best page i've read in years. 5* Star
Yay amazing!
nice job on all those difficult perspectives :O i'm really impressed.
dat dick!..... I... I havn't seen one in a while is that what they look like?
Dat Tail!
I love the little hint of a tail under the bed XD draw more cat pages!
is there a non censored version? pritty comic to hide parts away :3
I think for their 5th anniversary they should do five things outside of their comfort zone each, and for every one thing they do they get a treat from the other ^_^ like truth or dare but with no forfeits.
Draw it out
DONT SPEED THIS UP! Draw out the love make it last all year this is the best yaoi out there!
@Mechanicalpenguin: Sounds like a truly wonderfull story you have here you could always get another co-writer *hint hint* i love your comics and as an adoring fan i'd love to help in any way i can to help you ^_^
Love from a fan!
I love this comic it's so unique with the moveing pics, and i love how you update lodes of pages in one go. dosen't leave me bored forgetting the story ^_^ fantastic please please keep it up.
aww noooooo no it can't end there oh please do the R18+ version! hope u have a nice long break and come back soon!!!
weee first comment i vote Mars x Hayden how many times can we vote? seems unlimited
October 10th, 2008
holy molely thats hot! 0_0 XD wow it's to hot i need to take a cold shower now :D hehe yay! i hope the sexyness never stops i love this comic <3
DECLINE! DECLINE! make him have no pastion 4 love.
yay omg please please please update contiulusly from now on this comic is soooooooo great, it's like one of a kind cus all the gays arn't fairys XD
loving ur comic
pick maybe, pick maybe.