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Love: Internet, anime, reading,drawing, all gender romance (I mean I like both gay and straight, as well as everything in between.)My best friend, my parents, animals especially cats...I can go on and on...

Hate: Prejudice, really crude humor, crowds, idiots, people who throw stuff at me as they drive by, 'txt talk', and evil noobs.

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    Sonnel Blackburn
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I seriously hate that bug trainer. Something about him just makes me wanna throw a lawnmower at his face.

I love everyone else though 8D
People who read this comic just for the pretty boys don't really love this comic. There are a million and a half plotless bl comics with pretty boys they can read. I for one really enjoyed this chapter, I liked seeing the other parts of your comic's world and a behind the scene look at the war that's going on. And it was fun seeing the interaction between Hiddykins and Horry.
March 17th, 2011
That article was effing hilarious XD. And I love Dake twisting his hair like that. Very cute. :)
Sebby's face in the last panel is dfkhjsdklf I love this comic :D
Clair and Ariel make a totally BAMF team. I love how their both glaring in the second panel.
Bob, you are so cute.'s so cute that Tommy's cuddling with some kid and barely notices. lol
I think the one that healed her is
Apollo because he was the god of the sun and medicine as well (among other things). The guy who kissed her was Zeus.
January 29th, 2010
Stop Dissing the Poor Author, You Wankers!!!
Hey, ignore the bastards giving you a hard time about the amnesia being 'cliche'. If they don't like the way you right they should just piss off and leave you alone, it's your story, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. 'Nuff said. They should be damn grateful you update everyday and have such a cool story with nice art. <3
Yay!!! :D
OMG, Dake you evil little tricksy guy you XD
I'm glad he killed the false priest guy. I would have been surprised if he hadn't...since in every story I've read the Gods always seem rather merciless when angered. XD Anyone remember the story of Artemis who turned that guy into a deer so he got eaten by his own hunting dogs? I think it was Artemis anyway...
Poor tommy! Love the page. The kid is adorable. Wow, her mom's mean. And they look NOTHING alike. :D

And I think it says, "Stupid little kid. Bitch, better kick you with your foot in the ballet." I don't really get the last part but it's funny XD. I just typed the Romanian into an online translator so it could be totally wrong. XD
Ack, no first comment. And I've been watching since you started I think.
First comment?
So cute, I love his hoodie...Poor little guy, all alone ;_;
poor charmander. He's all "Umm...please say a command so I can fight!" >A<
That guy must really like that cash register. O_o
February 12th, 2009
...omg he has a piercing lol.
I love him.
I just moved and can't find the software to install my scanner...but once I do, I'll start putting pages up...I don't know if anyone is even reading this comic but, meh.