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@Mccull61: I super am enjoying ATM
Re reading this for the 2nd time because I re read Arco for more of an impact for the upcoming pages ( memory of a gold fish over here). I am so keen on starting it again! Let's gooooo
Poor Russell. He is such a sweetheart, even in pain he got our Brynns back. And Arco got everyone's back.

Is that little ladybug on Russ, his best friends spirit? Or am I just thinking too much about it.
Nawwww I loved the Brynn and Russ cuddle. You can tell it was all friendly and it comforted our little baby. Be happy he's making good friends Arco, be happy we have come this far. And Russell KNOWS so hard I love cheeky Russ. Every has come so far socially, even though it's such a shitty time for Brynn every has developed so much. I love love love all of your comics you Way of drawing expressions is everything. It gets to me every time
Now I want to know the story behind russles ear biting adventure. Anything to make our baby feel better
This is so beautiful. The art is top grade! the story is getting really interesting real fast. I must add ( psychology student over here) that psychologist is a hardass
Brynniepoos, I think we just all got dizzy munchkin. You're not alone

Something about being so so tired and defeated after a long emotional day and getting a kiss like that

I know people are saying this is too fast but I think this scene is perfect. It's in control and Arco knows what he's doing. Brynn needs his body heat, his touch, and his comfort. And his eyes closed the whole time he can only sense the love Arco has to give

( open your eyes Brynn, you WANT to see Arco right about now.... trust me.
I am in love with this comic. So glad I found it. I hope it updates soon :).
Hahah living in Melbourne I have immense fear of the magpies around here, my head still has bumps on it.
YESSS my fave song. I would've sung along
This is interesting ( psychology honours student majoring in neuroscience over here )

I like the concept of it, I wonder what made you think of this, and the auditory and visual hallucinations and such.

This is different I binged on it pretty hard!!! Thank you for sharing this with us
Holy shit I just binged on this comic so hard. This is so good, cannot wait for the development between the cuties

I just binged on Aaron's comic as well, my heart.

Bless your talent and thanks for sharing it with us
Wish I could read this. None of the pages show up no matter how long I wait. Hopefully the author will upload it on maybe a different server and I'll work.
I love this so much. Is this ever going to update again??
Binged on this
So I started reading this like half an hour ago and already finished up to the most recent update.

First of all, I love the manga feeling and the Japanese culture and art style through this. I've been reading your comments about all the amines you've watched recently ( gintama and haikyuu and such) and you're totally awesome.

This is so cute the sexual tension is killing me though. Also the fact that hiro seems to be wanting a best friend I can feel some major confusion coming up. This is amazing, thanks for alllll of your hard work.must be hard considering you're a college student. I'm at my last year of honours so I can't even imagine how you keep up with all the drawing