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@Xejn: Dying of it!
@angichan: But of course! The chaos of change is in the wind! Tension is high!
Whooo-hooo! He's on the right track!
*sigh of relief* Well at least she wasn't wearing both at once while in the fog!
Also, I keep refreshing this page in the hopes that page 28 will magically appear.
Oooh, Sneaky Finch!
@Soap_Lady_Thea: It's got to be the little imp raven!! It's probably got a human form too! Though maybe it can't hold it for long... *squee!!*
Oooh! I am absolutely a-twitter with anticipation!
By the way, I love the way you've been doing the shading on Kea's face. And that gleam of light that just catches in Finch's iris... And the contrast on the tree in the middle ground in the last panel.

... and the ruffels on the back of Kea's dress in one of the previous pages. It looks like ti matches the cloak. <3

Okay, I'm done for now :P :D
Oh, Kea. She's usually so brave and stoic on the outside, or just plain frustrated and angry.

She must be completely drained to be asking her captor for help. :( <3
@themightyzan: The real question is not whether or not anyone is helping but whether their actions (smoke and trinkets) will unhinge Kea's brain.
I am delighted! Concerned for Kea's well being, but excited she has someone who might be a useful confidant.
I had to get a new user ID to comment as I haven't been to my old account in a year or two but I do often think of this comic.

I hope you will resurrect it again soon.
Oooh that offended and shocked hmph! I can just hear it!

What are you talking about "not a good writer"? I loved it. It stirred my emotions. <3

But wait... I thought you didn't write this one... o.O

We are talking about this right?
@Soap_Lady_Thea: Opened the fanfic in new tab. Going to read as a reward for finishing tonight's report!

It broke my jaded, shriveled, little heart. :'( <3
I kept clicking only to realize there was no more!!
Wait, what? Is it a dream or did it happen!?
That's an "eeeeh? Somebody is touching my secret flute" face.
I'm still so in love with the expressions on this page.