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Haai. I'm XIchiUchihaSamaX, or call me Ichi/Sebi. I like yaoi, and I draw it a lot. Hurhurhur. Hope you enjoy my cracker-smackles. :D

Currently, I've been a little slow with my web-comics, and I will work on one at a type, for now, anyways. XD

Currently working on...

-A Thing called hate-

**Status: Hiatus, again.

**Open for Authors? No, not now anyways.

**Type: Yaoi/BL.

-Unsighted Picture-

**Status: Hiatus.

**Open for Authors: No.

**Type: BL/BoyxGirl

-Mr. Prince Charming-

**Status: Working.

**Open for Authors: No.

**Type: BL

In the future...
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Lol; I'm excited to see the rest get played out. : D
Mamo: Thank you!
Haha; no matter what you say, this toning sucks. XD
tediz_rule: Ohoho?

Yess; it's been awhile, huh? XD
Ho'shit. Sorry for the late update, you guys. ;A;

I forgot about this page, and I've been busy trying drawing other things. XD

I honestly; don't like the toning on this page. It's HIDEOUS. ;A;
I was rushing, 'cause I wanted to get this up. XD

Anyways, here's Ibes! Our prince charming. <3 Lulz, guess what Thailor's reading!
Anyways; I'm working on the next page(s).
Read Right to left. Comment if you like.
Ahaha, I love you so muuuch.

Everything I see this comic I jump with joy, and it's practically the only thing keeping me going on SmackJeeves. XD

I love your art style, I want itt. XD
Ahaha, umm...I seriously hate Thailor, he's so hard for me to draw over and over and over, because he looks different, over and over and overr. ;A;

Anyways, I hope to put up another page by next week. <3
Uhhh, there are so many chibis on this page. XD

I liiied, I'm putting every page I gotz uppp. Probably...

Anyyywasss, yeah. XD
God, I totally forgot to post this up. Ahahhaa, sorry. Ahaha.

Anyways, I totally love this page. Ahaha. It was way too much fun to draw. <333
Muahaha, paage one. I actually already have the next two pages inked and read. Which will be posted tomorrow. Ahaha.
Anyways, I hate his phone, it looks so ugh-y. >:C

Alsoooo, I think that I keep drawing Thailor different every friggin timee...
Yesss, and sooom this finally starts. ;w;

This is Ibes (black hair), and Thailor (brown hair).

Muahahaha, This is a story that can actually work with my other web comic, ATCH. XD
MalinaAkaira: Thank youuuu! <333

tediz_rule: Mahaha, I'll trry. XD
Ahaha, it's been like...forever. It's nice to be back...But I make no promises on updates, I draw when I feel like it. XD

Annnyways, as to this page. . .it's nothing too special. . .OH. I have Photoshop Elements 6.0, so this was fun to play with.

Switch is FINALLY here, huh? XD

Anyways, thanks for dealing with the wait, you guuuys.

Comment, maybe, please, darlin'? XD
tediz_rule: There's just like...3. xD;
Emily, Amy-Rose, and Elouise.
tediz_rule: Yess! <33
Another yucky page. Urrccck. >:C

My art-style, I cannot STAND. D: *cries*

anyways, I introduce our second maid, Elouiseee~ :]]

I love her. Haha. You'll see why later.

This page is kinda of a mess, and I don't wanna clean it. ;___;

Gonna start a character's page now. *doo dooo*
GOD, this is a weird page. Haha. And for some reason I get a lot more fans here then that other spaz-comic. Haha. Okaay.

Anyways, it's kinda messy, because I just wanted to post it on. (Mainly, my coloring skill has been off since my laptop left me.)

Soo...this won't make much sense as to why Emily buying things is so important. haha. Whuteverr. <33

Comment.comment.commeeet? Pluuuzz..? :]]

OH, this page is confusing. (where did my arrows gơo?)
Anyways it's:

"Sit here okay?"
" something wrong?"
Then it just goes down and then right. Hăa.
This page is kind of saad. Hahaa.

I have like another 5 pages inked, just time to color and/or tone. Haha.

Amy-Rose (Orange-head) is like the cutest thing EVER. god.

And Emily (brown) looked...yucky. Haha. Damn, okay...she'll look normal next page. D:
tediz_rule: I-is that bad? xD;
Ohhhh. Ahaha, thaaanks..? Haha. <33
Tediz_rule: haha. xD;