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Dusk Plush Gang
I love Playing Pokemon, Halo And Minecraft. I like trying to make new Friends and I don't end up with any friends though but I am probably one of the biggest Pokemon players I know and I have lots of eevee Plushes.
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Dusk Seems To Be very popular in box 2
I feel like that eevee with the bandana likes GTE (Grand Theft Eevee)
Iove Dusks answer so vague yet so funny.
Don't trust trees...

The Trees Have Spies.
I have a selection of Female names if I ever have a daughter.
I NEARLY DIED OF THIRST BUT A BOTTLE OF Irn Bru SAVED ME!!!!! I went 2 Hours without a drink in the middle of the night.

#Irn Bru
I was In tears reading this because of the sammich line it's amazing.

Way Better Than My Drawings
They're like Kids Being Hurt. always wanting attention
Dusk is A Delicate Flower
Never Open Filling Cabinets...

Thay Will Eat You.
Dusk is an inspiration to us all

No sarcasm
@Zappy the Raichu: Happy Birthday from me and my eevees.
I Like This Version of Do you want to build a snowman
I'm scared because tomorrow is my last day of the summer holidays and I'm going to high school
Pinkeevee are the eevee with the spiky head and the one who looks a bit red Bolt and Flame?
I dropped my phone while reading this comic again and now it has a crack in the top of the screen. :,(