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Hello, my nickname is Microwave, and I'm actually an animator who write, design and animate my own stories. However, sadly as an independent animator, there probably isn't enough time for me to animate all of my stories. Which is why, turning some of my stories into comics is always a secondary choice.
Yesterday I did post a news and a new comic on this site, but then I realized probably not everyone read those "news" So i'm posting it here as well.

2/15/19: So CW is officially on Hiatus, but I wouldn't say I'm giving up on it. I'm planning on reworking it for scratch and figure out why I constantly feel the need to redo it all the time. While CW is going on a Haitus I have decided to upload the new comic I've been working on.

Feathertale is about a town's famous cursed mystery. And how the main character Fumito got dragged into it. I would appreciate if you guys would check it out. Here's a link:

I want to say thank you to everyone who's been so kind towards me through all of my redo-ings. I'm always worried about disappointing people, and reading you're comments made me feel a lot better. ^^
I recall a few readers who liked CW didn't enjoy the amount of exposition in the early chapters, so I did make an effort in Feathertale that the exposition for world building would be more spread apart rather than one huge chunk.
In case any of you guys were wondering, the color represent what major the students are in. Red for Theatre, Blue for Music, Violet for Art and Green for Literature. Pamera is a Theatre student and Fumito is an Art Student.
New comic
So, Feathertale is a new series of mine, I plan to upload once a week every Friday to avoid getting burned out. As always, the very first chapter, I'll upload the first four pages, then everything will go on a normal schedule.
December 23rd, 2018
I know most of you guys probably have given up on this comic due to the haitus, and I want to say that's perfectly fine. I honestly would feel a lot better if people had given up on it rather than lingered for a new update. But despite all of that, I can't seem to just move on.

I know that over time you improve and you see all of the flaws in your work, and that's suppose to be like way to celebrate on how far you've come, but I always react so negatively on it. I see the flaws and I feel I must fix and redo. I'm constantly unhappy with what I've made because I keep telling myself, I can make better. I should have made better. I made such a big deal last time on "no I can't just redo it again" But I have no motivation to continue. I keep dreading.

I keep thinking, maybe I'm just burned out and I need a break. But it's been 5 months and I'm still unhappy about it. Part of me tells me I should just redo it, the other part says I should just give up on this comic. Sometimes I wonder the reason why I have a hard time with this comic because in the past was because a few friends of mine made fun of me for "never finishing anything" and I felt like I need to finish it out of spite. But now I do it because I feel bad that people actually liked this comic.

I can't tell if I'm just a perfectionist or maybe I don't like this comic as much as I want to believe I do? Or maybe it's both? Maybe I need to work on a different comic to see if that was the case?

I know it's super common for comic artist to not finish their comics online. But I still feel bad about it.
@Luna739: Cley is Trans. But not a Transvestite, a transvestite is a term used to describe a crossdresser or a drag Queen or King. The correct term is Transgender.
So apparently the pages didn't upload correctly. So I'm reuploading them.
I hope no one forgot about Maglossi.
Inner Mood.
So in the previous revamp, I originally planned this conversation to happen much later, but in the current revamp, i'm switching up the order of a lot of things since I feel it would work better. There was a lot of things I glossed over in the previous revamp, I know some of the stuff may seem random, but a lot of things do have a purpose.
@Ralend: Not exactly, his eyes has a gradient, it goes from a grey blue to a lavender.
I hope no one actually thought I forgot what Cedric's eye color was.
Fun fact: Cedric's wardrobe is 90% hoodies.
When you test your luck but your level too low for the boss battle.
It feels so good to draw Cley in a different outfit than his school outfit.
Update 4/20/18
I came to the conclusion that if I continue to try to keep this every other day schedule, I will constantly need to go on haitus. I personally don't want to keep doing this, so for now (except for today), I'll be only uploading Thursday and Sundays. And if it turns out even that's difficult, I'll become every Thursdays.
I don't like being on haitus for too long, but again, I still wasn't able to make a lot of pages. I wish i had the energy to make 5 pages a day. ;-;
Cedric expressions are always fun to draw, he can go from confused to rage within a page.
@senpainoticed: No it isn't nail polish, it's just the purple shading.
Cedric, Let the boy sleep.