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November 6th, 2017
Yes! Finally! I've been itching for this bit to come!
Yes, yes!!!!
I started reading your comic a week ago and I instanty fell in love!! It's so good!!

And man, I'm early
Aww Cool! I didnt know it was ur 5 yr anniversary! Congratz!
I use medibang too! This is the second time someone's used the exact same thing as me! That happens so much...
I just started reading this comic and it's so good!
@Pinkeevee222: Tell us who is LKD's boss Plz!! XD
=/ I only found 6/9 Papyruses'. UnderTale is very popular now for some reason.
I looks like the guy beside Zeon is using magical powers XD
Ohhhh! ;) thanks
So if your participating do you say what happens to your character or what? :3 I haven't done this before
Cuuuteee! Poor Blizz and Vay ☹️
Cool! 😊 Can't wait!!
Can you do a comic or something about all the creatures that you have posted here plz? I would be epic!
Cute! =D They are so fluffy! I thought Furrino's name was fluffino XD
It's an apocalypse of bug-catchers!
Why is there blood-thingies around her O_O
Mystery all around... (.) (.)
Are those dudes in the last panel stalking Oliver?? ._.