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Flame Shadow
Dunno what to put here anymore. Comics are probably never getting revived, but I still draw. So, yay?
You've definitely improved with drawing horses!

Hope your body figures out its sleep schedule soon =)
Flame Shadow
October 30th, 2017
The most exciting thing I have planned is wearing a cloak to the office. Which I'm actually really looking forward to because cloaks are amazing.
@Critic: hm, good point.

I guess my main issue is less in Muro's actions and more in how the whole "can't communicate" thing is dragging on. I feel like this should be resolved by now, as the whole no talking/running away schtick has been repeated a few times now
@Critic: That's all reasonable except we know she talks, so why doesn't she do that? it would've saved her so much stress and everyone else so much effort if Muro tried to communicate *at all*. Even a toddler does more than run away from everything.
He really isn't reacting that dramatically to having a bandaid pulled off XD
ho-ly shiiit
Flame Shadow
April 19th, 2017
aaah, I'd almost forgotten the monstrosities that lurked.

Awesome work!!!
They were...
Well, on my weekend list of things to do, re-reading this comic was one of the key ones. So glad I did! Lots of things to pay attention to with the knowledge of the past few chapters in mind.
Also, brainstorming for entering the contest, too.
There are a lot of scratches on those trees. Those two had best be on guard.
Answer of the Update: I was born in one city, moved to another one halfway through childhood, then moved back for high school and university. But the city that I spent my memorable childhood in has a certain level of attachment in the "childhood nostalgia" sense, while my city of origin has a more mature level of attachment.

Ironically, I never really wanted to live in either place, and as soon as I graduated and found a job, I moved. The two cities house my childhood but not my loyalty, haha.

Then again, "home" for me is the current place I lay my head and feel safe. So the term "hometown" feels odd to connect with.

I like the concepts portrayed, and the ending was not what I was expecting - which made it better anyway~ Good job!
Well, that's one plan.
Great job with the postures on this page!
@anergon: This is a bowline, and thankfully not a noose. ^^
Doduo lost a head! And the neck shrunk! XD

@ Being: I guess that makes sense. But what happens to this base once the Animals finish their business and scram? If the base is found in a reasonable amount of time, there could still be some complications with evidence.
Well, darn. Now he's gonna drop some DNA clues.
Burrich the big, brutish, brawny, breather-of-fire. XD

Sounds like it'll take a certain amount of adjustment before you figure out what updating schedule is most appropriate. As long as you're not stressing or feeling overworked with whatever schedule that is, I'll be happy. =)

Also, I forget how colorful everyone is until you spring a colored page on us. But it is so fitting for a page with dragons!
No matter if I know it's coming or not, I always listen to the entire song.
Siiilllveerrr, is that really the best insult you could think of?