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Elemental Kirby
I am a nice guy who likes drawing, listening to music, reading comics(Online and Paper) and books and just likes to make everyone happy.

P.S By the way, I'M A JEHOVAH'S WITNESS! So, I'm as most people would say Christian. Also I'm getting better at animating. I'm also a sole punching bag and forgettable person (It seems).
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Yeah, I'm younger than you most definitely. Hope you get through the struggle and stress. Hope you succeed in college! =D
Wow, okay, that's fine........A little weird at the moment though.
Oh hello Buster Rod G, didn't see you there.

How has the hole in your chest gotten?
Don't worry Blade, if you weren't impulsive then wouldn't be...YOU.
It's fall but over here it's like an oven!
Interesting method Korly, a very smart one at that.
(Imagine having a recording of Mike Kirby put all the way up in volume as your ringtone, *shivers).
This is honestly my 2nd most anticipated match, 1st being Bass vs Serenade. Can't wait to see how it ends (Probably with Lan winning because he's the main character but who's knows).
I'm going to be honest, was not expecting that. Makes sense though.
Man, I hate those exercises. At least it helped me control my energy.
I don't think that work, Kim........
...Unless you're okay with stabbing Korly....
Well Cut Man, if you fought Mega Water S in the Wily Wars, you would see how "honorable" he is.
Good luck @Warpstar! High School is around the corner for me, I'm so nervous. =(

Grades are kinda crazy where I am, my elementary school includes middle school (So we don't call it middle but elementary school) before sending my off to high school then college/university.
@GamingNinja: It's how Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, is just him without the costume and with glasses.

It's true though, how come fictional characters rarely figure out the character behind the mask? When sometimes it's SO obvious.
Apparently it was supposed to appear where I live, it only got slightly darker but I never saw it!
Also some people didn't listen to the warning about going blind, so optometrists have recently got a lot of patients.
Squish, just let it happen
Yeah, I always found that scene strange. Thanks for clarifying exactly why he did that.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Sun Wukong was famous for riding atop of clouds.