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I'm a big weirdo but I get along with everyone,so yeah?
Damn he took the quote "Nothing up my sleeves" too seriously
Cuddles was needed very much I bet❤
Dude you can feel the sadness just through their expressions 😭
I just screamed so loud, Oh my goodness I'm so giddy right now 😆
Your art style has improved so much since the beginning of this Comic, and it's the first comic I've read on here, and I thought you should know that have a cookie 🍪 you deserve it :3
I live for Nieidanine's comments after each page 😂
She is Shooketh
Cuddle the boy Dylan!
Joa dear please don't cry ( Ĭ ⌔ Ĭ ) Dylan's just fine he's Okay
I think Wallis wanted to ask if she was okay and what happened
What is her name!?
He handled that so calmly I'm proud of him :)
Can-can I ship her with purple and the Gloom boys? Like all 3 of them?
Oh thank God, I just read a vampire story and a vampire couldn't control himself and killed his love 😅
The Gloom kids are back 😆, I love Indigo but I was interested in what was going on here
Are we gonna see the rainbow child again now?
Whenever I'm in Pain I sing, since Dylan likes the Gorillaz he should sing feel good inc. (lol I'm sorry that's horrible advice right now)
Are....are those antennas?