I'm a big weirdo but I get along with everyone,so yeah?
Panel 2 gives me life, Wallis you damn charmer 😍
*breathes heavily*
When I was younger I was playing tether ball and it smacked my face and laid me flat out, and another time a soccer ball came out of nowhere and caused my face to hit the water fountain and yet I've never had a bloody nose in my life ?
。゚(TヮT)゚。 oh Joy ❤
? it's so beautiful ❤❤???!!!!
Those panels should be put in an art museum ?
Wallis when he sees assistant: Assistant I'm so Hoppy to you! ?/Harold and Petunia: what the f*ck Wallis!?!?/Wallis:*snicker* I just had to *snicker*
Aaaaaaaa!!! (Q∆Q)❤❤❤❤
*cries* YEEEEEEESS finally woohoo!!!!!
He looks so beautiful on this page :3
I'm crying ???
This is torture ?
He grabbed the wine lol he needs to be drunk to do this hahaha!
Thank you Nieidanine you're an Angel ?❤
Correct him and tell him your name!!! Pleeeeaaaase i can't take it anymore ?!!!
YEEEEEEESS the lingerie ?!!!!!
I love assistant's outfit it's so cute with a little hat on top X3
Joa better pull out the purple lingerie Carolyn and he discussed! JK but that would be cute :3