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And that's how we know Alven is on the same level as a 6 years old..
@EeveeTroiano: never watched naruto..😅
And he goes on...
Now Alven is the clingy one.
Who could it be?
PS: For those who don't know, kissing hand in some cultures is a manner of showing respect to parents/elders.
@Drake Bee: It is real :)
@NightFall7: Thank you so much ❤️️
Dedicated to all war victims around the world: Your are never forgotten.
I'm really sorry for the disturbing scene, I've never been a fan of gore but I had to draw that scene for the sake of telling this story.
Keep yourself & your loved ones warm :D <3
Can you tell she's Reine's mother?
12 Years back and Reine is still children's favorite "Elder"
Did I make little Reine's hair long just so that he'd wear a cute red ribbon to school? Yes I did.
Forgot to suggest re-reading page 13 of chapter 2 in regards of last page.
Thank you for reading~
@mayalaaya: While everyone's free to perceive it however they like, I choose not to make it romance.