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Possibly a mob of squirrels in a fox costume.
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Sillyfloof moment incoming!
Ah the happy Naya one panel limit.
Yes Naya, everything bad will happen to it and it will hurt. Don't you know who your creator is? Just look through the fourth wall.
Naya's brain is filled with water. She has been swimming too much.
Naya really should just join the card game. Seems much more her level of combat. Leave the real fighting to the big bad doggies.
Naya the Sillyfloof has become Naya the Sillyfwoosh.
Let's see, we have a KO'ed snek, a still trapped dogy, a spinning dizzy abra and the only one able to do anything is a shiny butt sillyfloof. Yup, things are under control here.
Real adventures rarely stay on track long. Can't wait to see what awaits our heros in the cave!
I love how fast Naya went from pain and terror to, "Oh! Shiny thing on my butt!"
I can't help but imagine Echo (even though we don't know what they look like) looking up Flareon moves in a manual.
One time a guy my dad knew grabbed a running chainsaw to stop the chain... Reggie reminds me of this for some reason...
Roll for initiative...
So calm and peaceful. Enjoy the eye of the storm while you can.
Yay for Happy Birthday Page!
They are only outnumbered until you count the number of sword arms or evil pokemon. They have superior numbers by both those measures.
And we are all set for the next chapter! Adventures of Sillyfloof in Line Dancing With the Dogs
Hidden thing
Is it a map to the location of the lost sword Excalibur?
When in doubt, randomly push buttons until something happens.
Run Naya! Don't fall victim to the Cheshire cat looking eyes!
Run away! No wait, set things on fire! No, first one then the other!
Everyone is having a serious conversation, just after being attacked by unknown pokemon and Naya is relaxing in the water... Oh no! It's just as I feared! Double amnesia! Maybe even triple!