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Yay! Time for the next chapter! We all get to see what horrible traumatizing things you have planed for your characters!
Don't worry Naya! When you get your memory back you will remember that you have double amnesia and that you still don't remember anything since you will then only have normal amnesia. That or your memories will horrify you back into amnesia land...
...New plan. Party at Talon's place!
Grumps were back to grump mode in panel one, then went to non-grump world altering mode.
Bern and Nyra on the same page and neither is being a grump. I'm pretty sure this is one of the signs of the apocalypse.
See? You have to listen to people BEFORE you bite them.
Yay! More dead parents! This is why Naya should be glad for her amnesia, she can't remember her own horrible sad past.
Red eye bone doggy theater! I love how you draw Houndooms
In D&D there is an item that can teleport you around, but has a fairly high chance to send you to random unknown locations. I think we are seeing the work of that items creator now.
Maybe he has a twin brother... but what if he is the evil twin though? Maybe there are triplets, that would lower the odds right?
On the next page, the Noivern realizes that that isn't the wanted poster. It's in fact an embarrassing love letter to their sweetheart.
Noivern looks great. All hail the pokemon that are 90% ears!
Sillyfloof moment incoming!
Ah the happy Naya one panel limit.
Yes Naya, everything bad will happen to it and it will hurt. Don't you know who your creator is? Just look through the fourth wall.
Naya's brain is filled with water. She has been swimming too much.
Naya really should just join the card game. Seems much more her level of combat. Leave the real fighting to the big bad doggies.
Naya the Sillyfloof has become Naya the Sillyfwoosh.
Let's see, we have a KO'ed snek, a still trapped dogy, a spinning dizzy abra and the only one able to do anything is a shiny butt sillyfloof. Yup, things are under control here.
Real adventures rarely stay on track long. Can't wait to see what awaits our heros in the cave!