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Possibly a mob of squirrels in a fox costume.
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What's in the booooooooox!
Darkrai is full of dad jokes and puns... truly a creature of darkness...
Oh! A fight scene! Roll for initiative!
So who covered Naya's mouth to prevent a Naya moment? "I like swimming!"
Ah, those glorious seconds where you've grabbed a cookie, but have amnesia and don't remember that oatmeal raisin is disgusting.
Ah Naya, such innocence, so naive. It will be such a shame when her memories return and she returns to being a cruel, evil super villain bent on total global conquest.
Awwww Nick, now look what you have done. You've fallen down a hill, touched a rock, and triggered the apocalypse.
Happy ghost family! Now if only the creator can resist the urge to destroy all that is cheerful... Yeah, that seems unlikely. *grabs popcorn and waits for the show*
Mist trolling, Naya confused and scared, Amber and Talon completely ignoring it all. Yup, everything is in place.
Amazing work as always Silver. Can't wait to see what our favorite trio are going to be getting themselves into in this chapter. You have certainly come a long ways from the last Shinka comic and I am so happy to be along for the ride.
Ya know, if they let their little teleporter get proper sleep there might be a slightly reduced chance of catastrophic teleportation failure. I mean, slightly less, like 98% chance of failure instead of 100...
Yay! Comic is back. Consequently I got to play the fun, "what password did I use for this" game!
Yay! Time for the next chapter! We all get to see what horrible traumatizing things you have planed for your characters!
...New plan. Party at Talon's place!
Grumps were back to grump mode in panel one, then went to non-grump world altering mode.
Bern and Nyra on the same page and neither is being a grump. I'm pretty sure this is one of the signs of the apocalypse.
See? You have to listen to people BEFORE you bite them.
Yay! More dead parents! This is why Naya should be glad for her amnesia, she can't remember her own horrible sad past.
Red eye bone doggy theater! I love how you draw Houndooms
In D&D there is an item that can teleport you around, but has a fairly high chance to send you to random unknown locations. I think we are seeing the work of that items creator now.