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Gore N the GUYS
profile pic by me
Hi! I am an antisocial slug of a human being and I'm really bad at socializing, social interactions scare me, even on the internet.
I have way too many ideas in my head, so if I have way too many webcomics and they have not been updated in a while then I am sorry.
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I was bored this morning, here, have a thingy! :3
@Aura flame: Thank you! I'll try my best :D
@ShadowStalker1128: ok thanks, downloading it now, my computer is crappy lol
@ShadowStalker1128: I use a computer, I'll check out imovie, does it work with gifs?
@Aura flame: (sorry for the late reply) I think I know how to work sendspace, I think I can find a way to fix the timing too,
are you able to remove sections off of the part? I'm just wondering, if not, that's fine :)
I'll try to get it as close as I can to matching with the audio. (I'll see if I can find a video editing software to use and maybe make it easier?? idk how most things work ;w;)
If you could edit in the audio that would be great!
I'm ok if I don't get the part though, it's your map. :3
Can I join? And if yes, is part 16 ok?
Also the program I use makes animation gifs and it can't put in sound... that might ba a problem idk
And how do I send it to you once it's finished?
Sorry this is my first time doing something like this. ;w;

I plan to do the part in pmv, where vision is dead in infinity war and scarlet witch is sad and then it cuts to her fighting Thanos in endgame.
Anyway, I can tell that this map is going to be marvelous :3
Clayspots protec the bab
EeeeEe ranbo boi!
...I'm heckin late
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Thank you! (sorry for the late reply)
Really proud of this. I just finished my math exam and I'm pretty sure I passed?? idfk at this point.
I hope you guys have a good day!
Will the cute fluffo dragon be more angery if they're not fed? If so, here,
*places down a bucket of shrimp and runs*
This took me more than 6 hoursss.
I spent all day moving boxes and I should be studying for finals but instead imma watching youtube videos.
A VERY old character that I will probably never draw again, something weird is going on with the page uploader thingy.
Need more practise shading and lighting, tips are appreciated.
The file was too big so I had to resize it, I hope this works.

I have 6-7 more drawings used for shading practise sooo, you'll see them soon :)
I hope you guys have a good day
Big birb means run!
New profile!
also vent art
Iiiiiii did a thing!

also another discord link, this one won't expire this time
I might be antisocial, but I'm lonely :3
the hec is this