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Gore N the GUYS
I like anime, comics and pokemon. My fav colour is red. Gore gives huggies!

Warning: may contain large amounts of randomness and angry house cat. You have been warned!
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When I have things on my mind I like to mess around with different colours and patterns, just to kinda forget the things in my head. Here's one of those coloured doodles.
I have a concert in a few minutes so I gotta go, I hope you guys have a nice day!
I had this lying around for a while now, I still need to practise shading a lot.
Also, have a happy mothers day! Make sure that your mother (or mother figure) feels appreciated today!
(I stayed up 2 hours later last night to make my mom a card, I'm still tired)
"lol hi I am a paper" Officially the best way that a paper can communicate with you. :3
I used to make up stories with my plastic tiger figures, the white tiger was the heroine and she usually had to save her boyfriend from the mean humans/dragons/dinosaurs/whoever was being the bad guy at the time.
Also I have the exact same type of unicorn and pegasus figurines as you do.
... if they get medicinal herb training then they might find out if the berries Oisin ate were poisonous or not. Also, Carmen's back!!!! The cutie floof!
The way you draw grass is amazing! Also I feel that Wicca will use the lemon grass in some sort of plan that he has later on. Maybe devious? (jk)
I missed May the 4th be with you so now it is revenge of the 5th!
Also sorry if these puns make you cringe, I'm just a weird Star Wars fan.
(does anyone remember Echo? no? ok)
@WildfireK: for me, yes. for everyone else, no.

I need to stop. And also go to bed.
@WildfireK: Oh crap, I forgot to do my homework, gotta go now, bye! have a nice day! my procrastination is gonna kill me someday...
@WildfireK: oh really? cool! Honestly I can never remember the names of the artists, just the songs.
@WildfireK: I don't think so, not yet I'll check it out
@WildfireK: " There once was a lad from Rhone,
whose odor he'd rather disown
now he's taming his poo
by anointing the loo
and now happily sits on his throne"
..... so weird but kinda funny
another random drawing.
@WildfireK: it smells like lavender, but it doesn't say what the actual smell is