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Gore N the GUYS
I like anime, comics and pokemon. I hope that you have a nice day! Gore gives huggies!
I have way too many ideas in my head, so if I have way too many webcomics and they have not been updated in a while then I am sorry.

Warning: may contain large amounts of randomness and angry house cat. You have been warned!
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@WiispNightmare: Sunkern is weird to work with a fusion. hard to put it in somewhere.
I also posted this on Pokemon Fusion-course1.
Sketchy floaty floofs!
haunter + sunkern + zweilous
It's a little sketchy but whatever.
I haven't posted here in more than a year...
@Gore N the GUYS: Holy shit my computer lagged! I just got your comment, lol
@WildfireK: I'd hate to gloat, but does your boat with goats float?
@WildfireK: Oh, yeah!
sorry I'm bad at wording stuff
@WildfireK: Yeah!
Nice goat!
( I have no idea what you are referencing :3)
I hope you're doing ok Wifi, I'm here if you need to talk with someone.
Wanted to draw Toriel for some reason.
I hope you have a good day.
@BowtheSylveon :.... yeah...
@BowtheSylveon : ..... I know. Sometimes shit happens
Everyone says stupid shit in their life
Everyone thinks that they're useless sometimes
You are not useless
You are not stupid
I know that you are trying. We all know that you are trying.
You are a good person at heart, we all know that.

People get angry, and that's okay, we all get angry sometimes, everyone just needs to let off some steam and maybe take a break from all of this.

I love all of you, and I wish that maybe you guys can solve this conflict-thing without blowing everything up.
I'm not in the loop. I have no idea why you think you're worthless or why you guys are angry at each other. Again, sorry.
- just an outside perspective
oh no... it's the knifi! Run!
Edit: still looks really cool though!
Pretty chimera floof!
Also the paper came out blue-ish because I took the picture outside...
So... i tried drawing a steampunk-ish character... and then I decided to colour it in. YAY I DID A THING!!
I tried putting rust on some of the metallic parts. I hope it looks good!
Also, happy Canada day! 351 years! (I think)
Bye, we will all miss you. I hope that you have a good day, and may your life be awesome just like you are!