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Gore N the GUYS
profile pic by WiispNightmare
I like anime, comics and pokemon. I hope that you have a nice day! Gore gives huggies!
I have way too many ideas in my head, so if I have way too many webcomics and they have not been updated in a while then I am sorry.

Warning: may contain large amounts of randomness and angry house cat. You have been warned!

Other places you can find me:
Minecraft: Goreo
Wattpad: Gorentheguys
Sylestia: Gorentheguys
Animal Jam: Goreo
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This is actually the first time that I made a ref for Gore. I've been mostly going off of memory until now.
@WiispNightmare: All about those rainbowlicious eyes tho
Oh dear Arceus, he looks like one of my edgy OC's I made when I was 10 lol!

I was bored so i drew a thing, derp dragon. idkpleasedontjudge
HHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh I really should go to bed even though I probably won't sleep. Insomnia is a bitch lol.
anyway, have a floof!
How can a floof be edge?!
Also I hope your feeling better soon :3
Woot woot
@Aura9301: I have no idea lol, I just draw random characters most of the time. I could make them a backstory though, that's always fun. or a weird name like Princess Fluffles III
ok, I've been practising with different drawing styles to see which feels more comfortable.
Here, have a hug.
Floof the poof!
this was rushed i have to go now bai!
Welp, here's another creepy creep.
Doggo is happy, doggo wants pats.
This took about 6 hours, I have to go do homework that I'll probably procrastinate on doing anyway bye!
Shading is hard.
little circles are nice