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Gore N the GUYS
I like anime, comics and pokemon. My fav colour is red. Gore gives huggies!

Warning: may contain large amounts of randomness and angry house cat. You have been warned!
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...Radioactive kitty cat.
Now you know stuff about me :P
Edit: I just noticed that my ears are way too big for my head, welp.
I drew WildfireK, hopefully he doesn't mind.
Also why did it say silent killer as my first option for google search?
Wildfire is a nice guy and shouldn't be associated with murdering, he just wants to give you a hug, wile holding a knife.
did another one! :3
I typed in some words in google search and it did the rest. I think I'm going to make more of these later. I found some weird ones.
Edit: I guess "the moon is beautiful" would work too.
I tried drawing a planet in space. then I added glowy things. then I added a meteor. then I added stress because I drew this instead of studying for midterms.
Me: I should update Dark Kingdom...
Brain: NO! You should make another webcomic and waste your time making these random drawings that have no relevant sense to your other webcomics!
Me: Derp, ok!
I'm bad at colour consistency so if a colour of a character varies from page to page I am sorry.

Edit: why the heck do the pages always come out such a large resolution?
*Starts downsizing other pages*
*Makes a snowball and throws it at comments*
*is blocked by fourth wall*

Edit: Holy crap that turned out big!
A wordless comic is when the characters don't say anything, but tell the story through gestures and expressions.
the hardest thing to draw on this one was the grass. I'm actually really proud of this. I tried to make ripples in the starry part but it ended up looking like a smudge.
@LightEclipse: lol, I make the same mistake all the time :3
Sunburst is wondering why he is in this mess of a drawing.
A Christmas carol with the purple blob that lives in my closet and the demon-spawn that is Cuddles.
I hope that all of you have a happy holiday!
Me trying to draw a galaxy. does it look like one? Idk :3
Awesome gif! :3
have you ever tried google draw?
it looks kinda like this. it's also a pretty bad "art" program.
I use the same art program when I'm bored on my phone.
Yayyyy! Finally got a better art program! ....Please don't mind all of the blood. Just pretend it's ketchup.
If you are squeamish then I am so very sorry.