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Gore N the GUYS
I like anime, comics and pokemon. My fav colour is red. Gore gives huggies!
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It looks really good!
I was going to upload the continuation to the last comic but I did this instead, also Randomness with the Guys will not be updating for the foreseeable future, mostly with school starting two weeks ago and things happening at home that i'm not sure how to react to. I will still be going on smackjeeves to post a comment or answer some of you guys' questions but as of the next few comics I will not be uploading, I hope that you all have a good day (and punch some bullies in the face!) :)
It looks so cool! Hey Leo, come check this out!
Leo: Gore why the heck is he falling apart!?
Me: dunno but it looks cool!
Shadow is as tall as my dad... wow.
I think that I am around 5'7 but there's this guy in my class who's 6'2
Leaceon, I love how you drew the transition from green to blue in the ears tail and the head leaf/ribbon.
Vaplveon, the colours are great together!
Flolteon!!! Cute little floof!
I have a bad time drawing lucario too, and I have one in my comic...
*realizes that she is doomed*
Where did Nira's scarf come from anyway?
also, polar bear cats and fire?
Ooo, cool!
Hey, 327, come here and look at this awesome fluff!
327: (we are not interested), [I am] can we hug him? (I am not dealing with this).
Me: ..... sorry about them, anyway the way that you drew this looks awesome!
It's okay Yveltal, I'll be your friend, *hugs giant fluff bird*
I can not draw humans, even the silhouette is super hard to draw, he looks like slenderman :P
I'm a bit proud of the expression though.
@WildfireK: Oh, I like trees....
*Flies awkwardly out of room*
@WildfireK: Um..... Okay?
wut are you doing?
@ShadowStalker1128: Yup. a big old tree.
Eevee's can't climb trees and I can't draw them :P
I'm kinda proud of the big tree though.
Also how could they miss that huge tree!??!
@WildfireK: Okay I'll try that next time
You are very good at drawing scars, and puting them in places where they look good on the character.
*notices that she only has one OC with scars*
... That's probably why I'm not good at drawing scars.