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Gore N the GUYS
I like anime, comics and pokemon. I hope that you have a nice day! Gore gives huggies!
I have way too many ideas in my head, so if I have way too many webcomics and they have not been updated in a while then I am sorry.

Warning: may contain large amounts of randomness and angry house cat. You have been warned!
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Your hands are way better than I can draw them. It's really cool!
@Flaming_Eclipse: You're a nice person, you wouldn't do that, it's my violent character that happens to have the same name as you that would :3
Names for some of my sarssina characters, I think their names relate to their personality well.
Sarssina's are an original species created by a friend of mine for one of her fanfics, she later quit on the species and I picked them up and made some minor changes.
Edit: I need to practise more with drawing baby dogs, birds and goats to get a sarssina baby. lol
Goopy lurking in a corner.. Just like me, I'm so proud! *hugs Goopy*
Goopy: Blep?
A wild Damien appeared! You were viciously mauled and you lost 200 pokedollars.
I'm quite proud of the expression on the angry doggo. The other doggos legs are way too long.
Magic bubbles.
An evil looking tribble, anyone who doesn't know Star Trek probably won't get the reference.
Boop! Have a school doodle! Also prepare for about 7 more of these doodle things in random workbooks.
Precious bean!
Welp, that's an emotional breakdown.
Floof! This is amazing!!
Some random doodles.
Be prepared for a flood of school doodles in a day or so... or maybe later on today.. Bai!
Edit: Also forgot to mention a fly pooped on the paper, that's why it says flyshit.
Eon posted a link to the stream in her comic, The fourth moon, go check it out if you want. :3
I would've posted this an hour earlier but life happened.
Oh ok, I'm glad he's ok. Also it's a bit too late for the "not worrying" thing for me X3
Angery draggo bab!
@Flaming_Eclipse: Really? ok cool! it's a really nice name :3
I hope you're ok Mid <3