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I like anime, comics and pokemon. My fav colour is red. Gore gives huggies!
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So I made this on my phone so its bad quality but better than most things that I do.
@WildfireK: Ok I'll do that, also sorry about Rune, he keeps escaping the box of random. Anyway I hope that you have a good day.
Rune: they aren't going to kill anyone are they?
Me: *tries to shove Rune back in the Random OC box*
@WildfireK: Oh okay they can keep the blow torch anyway, they will probably put it to good use. maybe....
@WildfireK: Betrayal, Hmmmmm.
*hands blow torch to Rubystar*
Hopefully this will help with getting your revenge!
Rune: how did you get tha-
Me: why are you still out of your box?!
They're so angry that they turned angery!
Rune: ...That... doesn't make any sense...
Me: Get back in your box!
I tried a new way of drawing fire, I think it looks pretty good. Liz is a character from one of my webcomics, this is what she will look like when she evolves.
It's not really too good... but I tried. This is the second time that I remade this drawing because the other ones looked really bad. Also Skylar won't be able to kill me now. Yay! also I'm late because the fanart contest ended at june 20 but I still wanted to make something! I hope that you feel better soon Zorri.
I can notice by the great art that you posted that you HAVE improved, way more than me anyway, I'm 14 and I'm still using the same style that I was using when I was 9. Your comics are awesome, you are awesome, never forget that. And when your whole life doesn't go as planned, make a new plan and start over and hopefully you'll feel better about yourself. No I don't know what your going through but I do know that life isn't fair to anyone and I hope that you can feel better soon. And if you need friends to talk to you always have us.
I kinda messed up when doing the lines in pen but it is better that most of the stuff I make :P
@WildfireK: Ooh cool! both of your art styles are amazing in their own way!
The shading!
*dies of the pure awesomeness coming from the drawings*
So I tried doing the outlines in pen like you guys suggested and it turned out better than I expected. Don't get Liz angry, she will bite your face off!....maybe...
To start this off, here have a random OC! I made this on my I phone so sorry if the quality is bad. Also I decided to make an art dump type of thing because I realized that I have SO many random drawings lying around my house.
wow... i read the whole authors comment and the story is AWESOME!!! it is really well written.
"there is a disturbance in the force!"
lol, starwars.
also i like the way you draw stars, so pretty!
@WildfireK: Ok I'll do that, thank you!
So what do you guys think? I haven't coloured it in yet because I'm not so sure of what to put in the background :P
So I'm asking you guys what I should do with character outlines from now on, should I keep it like the way it is now with no distinctive outlines on the characters or should I outline them with pen?
anyways I hope that all of you have a great day!
... I can totally relate to this. people are always wanting to see your art even if you don't want them to.