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Hi, You can call me Mask I guss? Soo, I animate and I hope to make friends and my main fandoms are:

Pokemon, Blue Exorsist, FMA, OHSHC, MLP, Fairy Tail, and a bunch of other stuff, emphasis on bunch.

I have a comic soo if you like action/humor/and Pokemon go check it out!

If I had a theme song it would be this, hmm... Maby I'll make this into an 'intro' song for M.K.S. if I animate it {look it up on YouTube}: Bad End Night
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    You can call me 'Mask'
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Mist: *gasps* YESSS!

Your new title is The Pun Queen

Mist: I can't eat them... They fall... I can hold them but not eat them... I forgot for a while... And sorry about the word(s)... I got it from a movie.

Me: *puts paws in air and smiles* YAY!

Mist: o shitaki mushrooms! *grabs handle bars*


Mist: I HAAAAATE YOOOOU AAAALLLL! *while on curve*
Let the shipping begin... Or is it just me?

Mist: Just rub it in whydoncha...


Mist: nu uh.

Me: I'm not sure, I just seperate my comic with lines, unless you mean multipul comic pages. If pages then if you want to comment in A/N
-befor submission- then just do it separately. If you don't then there's an option when you click on comic page thingy where you post pages called multipul page or somthing.

Mist: *steals waffle and steals random second waffle from nowhere and makes a waffle burger* HAHA! Oh wait... I can't eat it... *sighs in defeat*


Mist: *poker face* no I didn't.

Me: This is why my favorite character is mist, but don't tell Daku... She's scary...

Dark: sorry, and waitwaitwait, only eeveelutions use the eeveelution staff and they can't mega evolve...

Daku: Unless said- mph

Dark: *purposly makes Daku bite her toung*

Daku: That hurt, but do whatever ya want with this world

Dark: HAY!
@Gore N the GUYS:

In my dictionary, yes. And I agree, Daku is Kindof creepy.

Me: You could do that-

Mist: *disapears*

Me: But Mist doesn't really like hugs...

Daku: *eats shadowball* Cuz it's cool

Dark: LIAR!

Daku: shush pet

Dark: Wait who's light?

Daku: not me HA HA!

Daku: Technaclly- ugg never mind

Mist: *gasps* *turns to audience* NOTHING WAS SAID HERE! *turns back to you* Shhhhh!

(But yes)

Daku: *watches boredly* Wut?

Dark: STOP IT! *tries to move but cant*

Daku: why, missing Mist or somthing?

Dark: what about the po-

Daku: SHUSH! No spoilers.

You: *passes through*

Mist: Types don't matter, you are passing through me, not me passing through you
@BowtheSylveon: soo, is the alliance thing on?