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Proud lazy gay gutterpunk. I'm a painter by trade and an art school dropout.

I'm in a long process of planning a queer supernatural comedy horror.
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I have encountered people who actually do use reusable tp in zero-waste communities (it seems like it's a similar thing to cloth diapers?) but it just seems a million times easier and more hygenic to just. Install a bidet? Or like the kind of bidet hose you can attach to your toilet. And then maybe use an iteration of reusable toilet paper to dry off, I guess. (But with magic, what's the motivation? Like why does something need to be reusable when you could probably just make it disappear, or whatever.)
October 29th, 2018
I s2g this is why I flunked out of university. I mean among other reasons of course (mentally ill af, family death, chronic illness, abuse survival getting in the way, etc etc) but god. I feel all that pain on a visceral level. That black and white thinking and so on. I wish I had known to keep trying anyway then. It always seems hopeless when the pathway to feeling secure again isn't so clear or easy.
October 29th, 2018
I love this comic and where it is going and all the characters and everybody's dynamics (+ the polyam rep? so much LGBT+? this is so good and I need to read more comics like this + am basking in this good rep) and bless you for creating it and I cannot wait for more
September 30th, 2018
ok so we're just ignoring the importance of consent then
August 24th, 2018
@sstogner1: I also think this might be the case. I know I had to deal with this a little bit with my family anyway. (It's not quite the same because there's different orientations in my family but y'know. Non-straight stigma is difficult to wade through.)
thats the cutest goddang chickne i've ever seen
April 19th, 2018
Wholesome as heck ;u; my and my partner do this too I have a lion friend and she has a shark friend
March 5th, 2018
the whole thing is like. I mean you have to rip off the bandaid at some point. open communication is important and you can't just let that kind of rift remain unattended to.

liking Theoretically Straight people can be so stressful, as much as questioning only it's some kind of weird power dynamic where the Self Actualized character is turning to the Questioning character for like, mercy or answers or stability. but it's not there and the Questioning character doesn't know what to do. And the whole dynamic puts pressure and a rush on the situation and there's so much at play when trying to figure out yourself, let alone when trying to figure out if it's safe to let others in on what you might conclude.

I don't miss being there.
February 10th, 2018
I feel this 2 heck! when I ended up coming out when I did it was because I'd met some people who were openly queer who became my friends and it made me realize like hey, people might wreck my life but there's also the people that are going to wreck the people that wreck my life. it's good to feel like people have your back, with them you can do anything.
February 10th, 2018
I went on academic probation and idk if they called me (they might have?) at the time but they did contact me directly. I think it was mainly email though? Idk it was a few years back. I ended up going part time because the conditions were based on the amount of courses you take before it gets lifted and not time based. And then I dropped out because it was a bunch of health issues that put me in the situation that I needed to work thru. Honestly until I got put on academic probation I didn't even know it was a thing. 18 y/o me was really naive
November 4th, 2016
@yasha.queen: Fun fact, when spells actually call for that they don't mean a sex virgin. They mean virgin blood, as in, blood belonging to someone whose blood has never been used in blood magic/sacrifices/whatever before. (At least as far as contemporary witchcraft practices go, that's what I've been told.)
September 1st, 2016
everyone's like "wow rude" but honestly???? if it were me that is exactly what I'd want someone to say. tbh that's exactly what I'd want someone to say anyway in my daily life but it's like,, because of trauma and stuff and i need constant reassurance
this whole comic just makes me happy. I love the characters, I love the worldbuilding, the plot, everything is great. like I don't really have anything interesting to say I just wanted to let you know I am super invested in this and happy about it. good job on comic *thumbs up emoji*
June 16th, 2016
I worked out a better/easier/comfier style for this comic and will likely end up doing a redraw of previous page.

Still looking for someone down to CC pages for accessibility, lmk!
Intro a protag! We have many but anyway this is Mara. I am crap at fanagling colour scheme so far I am so sorry I promise I will learn....

Looking for volunteers to write transcripts for those with screen readers!
Some late teens and early 20s folks working at a touristy fair when some freaky supernatural shit goes down. Leading protagonists are trans, majority of main cast is queer. (… and some kind of supernatural creature.)

Heavy swearing, heavy snark.

It’s the LGBTQIAetc supernatural comedy horror I’ve always wanted.

Currently in the scene planning stages and looking for people to proofread/bounce final ideas off of.

Will start official release July or August 2016.

Depicted is Saf, my bi siren pirate character.
Holy crap is your art ever amazing. Re: color, it really makes certain scenes feel more vivid and real. The scene where you began it I thought, "wow damn something is gonna happen". I feel like you could definitely get away with doing it sometimes and sometimes not, if you wanted but regardless I really love it so far. The way you do facial expression and gesture is incredible.