drawing epic hand drawn stick-figure graphic novels. Stick men revolution! I started getting serious at 13 years old. I plan to revolutionize the graphic novel industry with Stick-men, if you draw stick-men too, join me and together we can rule a Universe.
I have published my first graphic novel on Amazon titled: "The Wizards Gate." So if you like my stuff go search it out!

:D I also like Zelda and Metroid. "Freeze missiles authorized." --- Adam Malchovich
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If you love stickman comics, this one is pretty great. It has a lot of Zombies and the story just keeps evolving. Its also fun to see how many references or secrets you can pick up. Written by Stickmoot member Ian Evans.
XD he's still chasing the same guy!
Phil, gosh darnit.
Fosser, bottom left inside the ring.
Phil, opposite of Fosser chasing after a man in a top hat.
How was this guy just evading my eye sight for so long...
Hold up... PHIL!!?!??!? This stuff is seriously driving me nuts now.
@Ian Evans: hahahaha. I don't even color ma boi.
(also, quick question. What are the canon ages of Ged and Laturia in this chapter? I don't know if it ever said their ages... This is important btw.)
That gave me the feels, and I have no idea why.
@SketchLines: I was thinking the same thing.
Wowza, noice job.
L: "Ged"
G: "Yes?"
L: "Will you..."
G: "huh?!"
L: "return my memory card."
^based off of a true story.
*music intensifies
@Djoing: Dang, why didn't I think of that?
I just wonder what Ganon's up to.
August 18th, 2017
Is that... Ralph?
August 18th, 2017
I just started re-reading some of this. I'd completely forgotten where the zombies came from.