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I wrote Charming! A comic about prince charming, except he's way too hot.
Check it out if you like awesome battles and outrageous humor.
My profile pic is Turnip Princess, my favorite character!
I also deal in art trades/commissions/cameos, PM me if you are interested.
Insta: @art_of__joe
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    Joe Barber
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Chansey: "You can't fool me, you dumb broad."
He's got them wicked Pikachu eyes.
Daisy is an Eldrich horror, omyfreakinggosh
That is ominous. :(
Is this the finale?
"I've waited this long!"
That is a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall
Take the car and run, Mr Nice.
November 16th, 2019
Great job, this comic is a joy to read!
November 16th, 2019
I am ready.
@Ellievswriter: Me too, maybe it's another magical girl, but hopefully a nicer one. The other girl was freaking hilarious though.
is this it? Is this all you can conjure, Saruman?
November 15th, 2019
This is kind of like parasyte the maxim, but more kid friendly, haha.
Beggars can't be choosers, John.
November 15th, 2019
Also, I love how she laughs in Spanish. I've never seen that done before in a comic.