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Read Charming, it's my newest work. If you enjoyed that then maybe you'll like the others.

My stickmen aren't perfect, but they might be a step in the right direction. :)
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good point though.
@Ian Evans: I'd delete it, but each comment is a potential advertisement.
@RandomEgg: If I get really famous, I'm taking you with me. :( just so you know how it feels.
@Ian Evans: she's supposedly like 14 in the original. I bet you feel gross now, huh?
@Ian Evans: Snow White isn't emo tho...
congrats on the milestone, bro!
@RandomEgg: S A V E M E F R O M M Y F A N S
oops, meant to say time.
@Rocatex: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Just kidding, she's referring to him saying "kiss" on the previous page.
@Rocatex: @Eeveeisthebest
I think this is my favorite bum comic now.
September 10th, 2018
This looks like it is going to be pretty cool!
Welcome to smackjeeves! I hope you get some fans!
wrong timezone, no doubt.
@NitroBro12: Thanks, man! :D
@NitroBro12: Haha my earlier comics actually took quite a bit of inspiration from Naruto. thanks for checking this comic out, I haven't had a comment in a loooooong time. I plan to redo this one sometime soon. :) You should check out my newer comic, Charming, if you want some of my fresher work! I hope to see you around the site! Good luck!
Legend of Zelda, but this time with a concussion!
HAHAHA! XD I bet we share a similar opinion on StarWars.
I love how epic these drawings get.
Uh, oh. This won't bode well for those guys. :(