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If you are new here, read Charming! I'm in the process of redrawing parts 1 and 2, but it's still enjoyable if you can bear bad art for a while.
If you also write comics, please contact me about doing cameo swaps, link swaps, ad swaps. Anything to help each other get as far as possible. I'd love to share my fans with you.
Thanks for being a good sport! See you in the comments.
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Someone is going to do something bombastic and I doubt it's going to be the swordsman. XD
@Mahira: Oh yeah, I meant to say fans. Readers are kinda weird, yeah.
Oi, Mahira! :D We just got on each others similar tab somehow (or at least I just noticed)! Maybe I'll catch up to you on readers some day.
This info sounds a bit biased to me.
Cat restricted area I guess.
Jon, I require the lasagna
After some translation he seems like a pretty nice guy.
Oh I hate scrambled words. XD hopefully I can figure out a code. I read the last two panels.
Oh frick. This guy is like if Master Hand had a baby with Zeus.
Kids at their lunch tables
Adorably morbid
I like the way you draw dragons.
Every story needs an animal companion, I guess.
now I really want one of these. XD You draw nice fan art.
I remember this part very well.
he's going to finger gun him! :O NOOOOOOO!
Also, I just realized that this guy has the comic named after him, so he's probably a big deal.
Ultimate Uh-Oh. I can feel some pain incoming.