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I like chillin' grillin' and rakin in billin's

My profile is a picture of Turnip Princess, one of the main characters in Charming.
Check it out if you want to be the opposite of bored for a couple hours. :)

Insta: stickmen_do_not_eat_meat
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    Joe Barber
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The horned king is in there! :0
Anybody with Gurren Lagann glasses is cool in my book.
Oh yeah, baby!
Uh oh
This is where it BEGINS? Broooo
Hi, guys and girls! Welcome to Charming. Please feel free to share comments, and ask questions.
Hey, thanks for reading up to this point! Please feel free to comment and stuff, I always reply to questions and I love hearing criticism and comments!
There is a cottage over there.
I hope that all my fans have at least one friend as good as Crate.
Why catch him yourself when fate will just bring him to you later?
Running far away.
Don't try this at home, you tide pod eating scoundrel, you.
Yikes, I get more and more freaked out the more I learn about TP
That middle panel is one of my favorite drawings.
Look at her guilty little face. And you were just starting to like her, huh?
Crate doesn't even know how to read, but his nose doesn't lie.