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I suggest that you read Charming, it's getting good and it has the best art from me so far.
I am interested in trading for Charming cameos.
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"Apologize profusely." I used that wording to get an extension on an assignment. It worked.
Perfect 👌! Love it. I'll keep in touch with you about your character until I get 'em in mine.
Lake town, but this time no hobbits.
A mimic?
I wonder WhAt It CoUlD bE
@J.T.Hoff: Epic! Thanks.
Is there anywhere else I can find your art? I'd love to see more.
all them glitters is gold.
July 13th, 2019
That was a pretty fun read, @karnax25.

What's your next comic about? Lemme know if you want any help.
If I had a dragon on my team, I'd treat it nicer.
Offer the money.
@Mahira: Yeah, those look great!
sounds fishy...
Ooooh, a new city?
@Ian Evans: Oh frick, thanks.
Love the designs! :D
I never even thought about that, but Link has a point.
"And instead of a dark lord, you shall have a queen!"
If she can just pop nectar out of her head, :/ What does that do to her brain?
I've had almost this exact same religious discussion.