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Read Charming, it's my newest work. If you enjoyed that then maybe you'll like the others.

My stickmen aren't perfect, but they might be a step in the right direction. :)
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Dang, that is a good looking picture.
He just straight up murdered 8 people in half a second.
Hope you enjoyed what you've read so far. Good luck.
Wait, did it actually work?
I'm getting the hang of this whole "rhyming" thing, I think.
This can only end in tears... Of joy. Because it is going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to him.
Witches love poetry about them, why? Because it's rare.
Witches and Fairies are actually just plot devices that appear to teach disobedient boys a lesson. I'm not even kidding.
I love that nekkid mole rat witch the most.
Going against your intuition was the last mistake.
I thought she was an original character when I "made her up." Then I found out that there actually is a fairy tale called, "The Turnip Princess." It's a really weird one and it doesn't really teach you a moral or anything, but it's a real thing. This is not that Turnip Princess, at least not yet.
You know them punk witches, always looking to curse those babies.
Hey, guys! The old prologue is going down, I'll make an archive for it somewhere and post the link here for people who still want to be able to read it.
Also, if you are new here, welcome to Charming. :) This comic is my joyful gift to you, please love it.
fight club loz crossover complete.
He gonna get et by a mole.
oh shoot, it's abe lincoln again!
bro, this comic is pretty lit.
Hello fellow stickman artist, wanna join a stickfigure community I created here on smackjeeves? It might help you get some early momentum. PM me if you are interested.
You forever have my respect for including a CD-I reference in there.