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I am an aspiring sprite animator who really likes gag manga! I hope you enjoy all the comics I will make!
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Better late then never
Sorry for the lateness, forgot to upload it :p

You can contact me through
I got one new reader yesterday. Pretty proud of that.

Need more fans though.


No but seriously if there's anything I can do to make the comic better do tell me. I want this comic to be successful!

You can contact me through
Bada Bing Bada Boom
This was more of a side story so I thought I'd upload it on Friday.

I have lost so much sleep on this.
Reese's Puffs Reese's Puffs
Hey what's up guys and today we going to do another social experiment where Bintoki-Chan [Me] will completely improvise with the frames for the latest page and see how everyone reacts to it.

No but seriously this is completely improvised. Tell me what you think. If it's too confusing I'll post an edited one directing to the order of the frames.
Depending on whether you guys like it or not, I might continue with this layout. Though, I didn't enjoy using this one, I'm not sure it really suits the style of the comic. Since I'm not that experienced with making and editing sprites I don't know if I'll be able to make high quality comics like Draglade Reloaded, A Damaged Coda or Aware. Hopefully overtime I'll get better.

Oh and the Co-author position is still open of course ;).
Here's The 411 Folks
Say some gangsta is dissing your fly-girl.
I'm back I've done about 5 comics ahead of time so no problems there. Not much to say really.
See you in the next one.

But I'm not sorry
Seriously though, sorry for the "Lack" of comics. I'm gonna go down to once a week. Every Mondays at 12:00. I'll try to post sometimes on Fridays sometimes too. I was gonna stop making these but I wanted to do so much with this comic so I thought I should at least finish it.
If someone can name me all the references I've done in all my comics, I'll give them an internet high five.
Don't get excited or anything, this is just a one time thing....
I'm posting one day after because I'm keeping up to the schedule. Mon to Fri 12:00 GMT+0. Next post is on Mon.
I'm putting the seeking Co-authors label because I need help making it. Plus it'd be cool building this comic up with someone. Also I really don't like the layout of the comic so I want someone to help me with that.
I have no clue why I gave this comic those weird titles.
(Don't let you're meme's be dreams?)
Part 2 of 2 Page Special!!!
Claws is just really unlucky ain't he?
Originally, Claws was supposed to be this awesome fan character that could teleport, copy people's abilities and summon weapons. He can still do all of that but it's just not as cool as it sounds.

I was serious about killing him by the way...
So it's been a while huh?
Yeah I'm sorry, but I'm back anyways. I've made a lot of comics in advance too so less trouble for me.
I'm posting 2 comics because I love you guys.
(I just want to say that I don't even like Maple Story, nor have I played it. I wanted to created a sprite I could represent myself with so I just found went on Banned Story and did it, sorry if I offended any fans)
I like it! The art seems good and I want to see more!
I guess you can't win them all @Ionic Defibrillator
I'm a douche. I'll make sure to start the schedule again on Monday. The quality of my comics have gone down recently but I promise to pick it back up and improve it!
I have to admit this page isn't as good as I had hoped it would be but it's something right?
I'm working on the 4th issue now and should be done by tomorrow or Thursday. The schedule has become a right mess, however I assure you that everything will go back to normal in due time or my name isn't Bintoki.
Well... it isn't but you get what I mean.
Also I have decided that I will keep the horizontal layout because I feel like it just feels right. I know that's not much to go on and I am risking a lot, but oh well.
@Super Bluey: Thanks for the support!
@Ionic Defibrillator: Thanks,I really appreciate the support. I just read some of your web comics, great work!