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First of all - I don't feel like drawing comics, but I love to read them ;3

My name is Agnethe, I'm fifteen and from Denmark.
My big interest is ASIAN BALLJOINTED DOLL's!
I have one myself, and I want to have more.

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I faved because I love your other comics :3
I love the art, and I love Suika and Amaya <3
I love the way you draw. It's so pretty .
The 4th panel is funny xD
You deserve all the 100+ fans, and 1000 fans more :D
Your art is amazing. The colouring is so "soft" .
The first thing I always see is how well you draw hands :3
I really envy that, I can't draw hands Dx
I think it's beautiful TT^TT
The wings are so pretty, I love the way you draw wings .
Her hair is also really, really beautiful x3

Yeah, for 30 fans :3 But you deserve at least 30000000 fans more .
Oh my, it's so pretty *q* <3
The wings are amazing, and I love their expresions <3
The colors are so "soft" ^_____^
Love . Love . Love . Love . Liana . It's L-O-V-E :b
This story is so addictive .
It doesen't matter you didn't update ^___^

Ohh Kai, please say yes >w<
This page is also pretty, like all the others ,
Liana is so~~~~~~o cute in the 4th panel . I understand why Kai is blushing ^^
Liana-chan is so pretty ^w^ I love the screentones - and everything else .

- Mi-chan .
I'll be a fan forever ^o^
Just opdate when you feel like it ^^

- Mi-chan .
I like the first panel, even so there isn't backgrounds ^_____^

Yeah Kyo-kun >D Give him what he deserve XD
I haven't read your comic another place - I just think he deserve to get his butt kicked >3 :b
Yes, you are a jerk :)
But you should still tell Akashima Ryo-kun, to not see Yana-chan anymore >3
And if he disagree, then you have my permission to beat him up XD
Third panel is go~~~~~~od, like all the other panels ^_______^
The colors are so good ^_____^
This comic really deserve 100 fans ^___^

- Mi-chan
Bwa~~~~ah. Go away Aito, and come back Kai >X3

Great page as always ^__^
Yeahhh !!! X3 Ki smiled at her !! *happy*
Great page ^__^
Great comic C:
Can't wait to see more .

- Mi-chan ^__^