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Tieback is my pen name. I love cats, cosplay and visual storytelling. While I've produced illustrations and comics for years, "The Archer and the Squirrel" is my first online publication.

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@woolysox123: Ha! You're right! He kinda does!
@woolysox123: Do I smell a King Arthur reference?
@SueDonem: I'm so glad you like the comic! And yes, a lot of love and thought goes into it. I'm glad the efforts show ;)
@maeriyong: It would be a bit awkward if she left. The story would end. It would be sad...
@Berggen_Kino: LOL. No quite. The next page explains. If you'd like to see page 60 right now, my website always has one additional page posted:
Who da thief?
@Yoowl: Thank you! I look foreword to self publishing in the future. It will be some ways away though. ;)
@MsSteam: I'm so glad your enjoying the story and art style. I've got some fun stuff ahead too ;)
@Captain Ghost: Thank you CG :)
Picks WiispNightmare up
"Don't die there is still so much more to see."
Jumps on a carpet and starts singing
"A whole new world..."
@MK_Wizard: Thank you so much!
@Ehhwa: I didn't even think of that... but my golly, I think you are on to something there!
Hello Lovelies,

I have great news! I now have all the wires and do-dads properly set up to host an illustrating live stream! And for the first stream, I’m holding a special Patreon invite only event next week! So, if you’re not yet a Patreon, there is still time to join in. To check out The Archer and the Squirrel’s Patreon Page click the link below:

On Patreon, there is a survey to pick the exact date and time of the stream. That pole closes Sunday night, 3/11/18, so cast your votes now! I hope to see you at the stream. :)

The nest update will be Tuesday, March 20th.

@DokiDokiTsuna: Thank you for the congrats! I was supper excited to get spotlighted! And yes, that dog has been turning into a bit of a celebrity. Did not see that one coming... at all. LOL
@IronDog: I'm glad the comic got your engine fired up! ;)
@Yoowl: I think you might be on to something Yoowl...
@Yoowl: Oh my! Everyone loves the dog in particular. That tickles me pink!
@Charlotte057: "woof woof!"