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*Updates the first and third Tuesdays of every month. *

Tieback is my pen name. I love cats, cosplay and visual storytelling. While I've produced illustrations and comics for years, "The Archer and the Squirrel" is my first online publication. I'm both excited and nervous to share it with such a wide audience.

As both a comic reader and creator, I have an inclination towards fantasy, historical fiction, time travel and romance. I enjoy stories that challenge traditional gender roles and expectations. Classic fairytales retold with a gender-bender twist are my fav!

For more webcomics and fun stuff, please check out my main website:

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Sincerely, Tieback
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On a random note, I’ve been on a Harry Potter kick as of late. And I’ve decided to dress up as non-specific Hogwarts’ student for Halloween. Naturally, I’ve taken the Pottermore Sorting Quiz, and I will proudly wear my house colors on Halloween. If anyone else has been sorted, I’d love to hear what house you’re in. As for my house, I’ll let you guess for now…

The next update will be Tuesday, October 31st.

~ Tieback
@woolysox123: she is shocked and sad.
Interesting theory...
October is a five Tuesday month, so there will be a bonus third page upload. Next update will be on October, Tuesday 17th.
Thank you. And I'm glad you picked up on the slight transparency of the mystery girl's dress, because that is what I was going for. ;
Hello Lovelies,

Back in May, I proposed that if Patreon support reached $30 a month, this comic would switch from updating every other week to weekly. Since then, Patreon pledges have grown. And although we haven’t hit the $30 mark, I’m still very grateful! Thank you to all my wonderful Patreons!

This is why, it has been very difficult for me to make the following decision. I need to postpone my $30 Patreon challenge. I can still update every other week, like I’ve been doing. But for the foreseeable future, I cannot update every week. It’s not something I want to do, but it is something I must do, so I can meet the obligations of my day job.

My job requires me to acquire two certifications within a limited time frame. To get these certifications I need to pass two very difficult tests. However, between working full time and making this comic, I haven’t had much time to study. Initially, I didn’t see this as a problem, because I was getting continuously faster at making pages. However the deeper I dove into this comic creating journey, unexpected tasks kept popping up. Like realizing the original plot wasn’t that great, and then quickly studying story structure, character design, and plot, so I could rewrite a better story. Or looking back at old pages, and realizing that I REALLY needed an editor.

So even though I’ve gotten faster at certain aspects of the comic creating process, it’s still my first comic, and I’m learning. I want to make this the best story I can, and I want it to be entertaining, fun and inspiring to readers. To do this, and still keep my day job, I need to stick with updating every other week for now.

If any of you decide to lower or end your pledges, I completely understand. However, I would be extremely grateful for your continued support. Because even as a comic that updates every other week, it still takes a lot of time, thought, heart, and money to keep it going. You patronage is both an emotional and financial lifeline for me.

Thank you for your time.

~ Tieback
@woolysox123: Thank you! I'm glad you found the comic!
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I’ve replaced all previously uploaded pages with proofread/edited versions.I strongly encourage all readers to go back, and read through the updated pages. I’ve cleaned up the pages ascetically, corrected spelling and punctuation mistakes, and I’ve also gone with different wording choices on several pages. For instance, the Eastern and Western kingdoms now have proper names. Go back and read through to find out what the kingdom’s are called.
If you like this comic, please support it by becoming a patreon.
I’d like to share that this comic now has an official proofreader/editor! So, what does this mean for readers? Well starting with page 41 onward, all future pages will be proofread by a pro. Also, I’m aware that there some mistakes in several previously posted pages. Starting next month, the editor will be reviewing these pages, and I will use his feedback to make necessary corrections. Any “flawed” pages will then be replaced with the proofread versions.

Also, I’m currently in the process on rewriting the story’s plot beyond chapter two. I’m very happy with how the story is progressing, but it’s still very helpful to have someone to give feedback. I want to make this comic the best it can be, and I think working with an editor will help make that happen.

As always, thank your for reading! And if you like this comic, please support it by becoming a Patron.

The next upload will be Tuesday, August 1st.
@PossumFlavored: Oh! Please don't feel bad! Lark is a "hunter", and she also loves and respects nature. These characters are exploring/playing with the word "hunter" and it's definition. This idea is explored further later in the comic :)
@IdanKoneko: I like this idea! XD
I’m currently searching for a webcomic editor. I think working with one could be very helpful with the creative process. And hopefully, it also will elevate the overall quality of the comic. It might be a few weeks before I find an editor, but I wanted to give you a heads up just the same.

I would be very grateful for any pledge support you could provide, as editors can be costly. Current Patreon pledges sit at $19 a month. As soon as pledges reach $30, this will become a weekly updating comic.

The next update will be in two weeks on Tuesday, July 18th.


As soon as Patreon pledges reach $30 a month, this comic will update weekly. Right now, we're only $9 away. So close!
I'm excited to say, this comic is now only $9 away from becoming a weekly updating comic! If you'd like to support this project, please support it on Patreon!

This month there is a bonus upload on Tuesday, June 27th.